Cincinnati Masters R3: What time does Rafael Nadal play against Borna Coric?

On Thursday, Rafael Nadal will play his second match at the Western and Southern Open in Cincinnati against 19-year-old Borna Coric, who saved a match point to take out Nick Kyrgios 7-6(2), 4-6, 7-6(6).

MASON, OH - AUGUST 17:  Rafael Nadal of Spain hits a return during his second round match against Pablo Cuevas during day 5 of the Western & Southern Open at the Lindner Family Tennis Center   on August 17, 2016 in Mason, Ohio.  (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Date: August 18, 2016

Time: Rafa is third on Center Court. Approximately 3 PM EDT –  Cincinnati, New York, Montreal / 8 PM BST – United Kingdom / 9 PM CEST – Spain, France, Germany, Italy / August 19 – 5 AM AEST – Melbourne. To convert to your local time, use this website.

The young Croat upset Rafa in Basel in 2014, but our champ got his revenge at the US Open the following year.

Rafa is 34-10 on the season (13-6 on hard) with titles at ATP Masters 1000 MonteCarlo and Barcelona.


Source: ATP World Tour


  1. Margo we all have different opinions and to be truthful no high ranking tennis player needs money but they still do adverts and magazine deals As for Stan, Tomic and Kyrios I referred to their work ethic on court and did not single them out for Rio. Tomic when he lost said he didn’t need the money any way, Stan yawned and said press conferences were boring ,when all the players have to endure them and has been given warnings for not trying on court and Kyrios has had the crowd on his back for his sometimes lacklustre performance’s.

    • Maria ((England) You stated your opinion and I responded with mine. I assure you no offense meant by me.

      I was responding to your comment where you indicated that, “some may have stayed away because of Ebola [Zika] but I’m guessing money and points were a major factor.”

      Further down in the paragraph you mention “purely for money and celebrity.” Then you name the three high ranking players. I responded to how your comment was written. Most of the paragraph deals with Rio. Look where you placed the three names. Had you not named these three I woul have had nothing to say because your comment would have been just a generalization.

      • Ebola??? I didn’t hear anything about ebola… It was Zika in Rio which is a lot less scary then ebola.

      • Hi Souix, no. I simply added Zika to my response to Maria’s (England) comment. Note that I placed Zika in parentheses after Ebola. She said Ebola. She probably hit the wrong disease button. (Joke)

  2. Hi Teresa, I was too busy to respond the other day. Thought I should post the following. I don’t know if you’ve read Rafa’s book.

    This is what Rafa has to say about “forced hand switching,” in relation to his left-hand playing. (Rafa, p. 30)

    Toni always encouraged me to think for myself on the tennis court. I’ve seen reports in the news media saying that Toni forced me to play left-handed, and that he did this because it would make it harder to play against me. Well, it’s not true. It’s a story the newspapers have made up. The truth is that I began playing when I was very small, and because I was not strong enough to hit the ball over the net, I’d hold the racquet with both hands, on the forehand as well as the backhand. Then one day my uncle said, “There are no professional players who play with two hands and we’re not going to be the first ones, so you’ve got to change. So I did, and what came naturally to me was to play left-handed. Why, I can’t tell. Because I write with my right hand, and when I play basketball or golf – or darts – I play right-handed too. But in football I play with my left; my left foot is much stronger than my right. But this was definitely not something that Toni, in a moment of genius, thought up. It’s dumb to imagine that he might have been able to force me to play in a way that did not come naturally to me.

    Please let me know if you found something from Rafa that contradicts the above. Thanks in advance.


    • Hi Margo, yes I read his book but did not recall this paragraph which is very interesting. It does seem to show that Rafa is naturally ambidextrous (which is very interesting). Apologies if I don’t always respond but I do not always receive automatic updated comments in my inbox (I only see them if I re-visit the page and scroll down – which luckily I did on this page!). Your insight is always welcome and well researched.

      • No apology needed. I know you and others here do search for any information on Rafa there is to find.

        I too did read about the left hand business and didn’t think much about it until I read his book. Then again, Rafa may say the sky will always be blue but then later says that it is grey.

        RAFS ROCKS

  3. For once I am happy Rafa lost. The man needs a rest! Hopefully he takes care of his body, there’s nothing serious going on, and he gets ready for the US Open.

    Stay safe Rafa!

  4. I am not surprised by this defeat. I am only relieved that it wasn’t Kyrgios who beat him as he was due to play him but was fortunately defeated himself earlier. I don’t feel very optomistic about his chances in the US Open with shoulder and arm injuries appearing but perhaps these are just strain from too much play during the olympics and some rest may be all that is needed.
    I wish Rafa would cut down his schedule and realise he can’t keep up the same pace as he did some years ago.
    But no matter what I will always be his fan.


  5. Just shows what a toll the Olympics schedule had on the player , now Nishikori has just gone out, wouldn’t be surprised if Andy doesn’t meet the same fate . I think the players who went to the Olympics should be commended.some may have stayed away because of Ebola but I’m guessing money and points were a major factor. One thing for sure we will never see an Olympics with such great tennis players again. No one comes close to Rafa ,Roger, Andy and yes Novak even though it pains me to say that. No other players show their work ethic, their determination their passion even if they are losing.Many players are their purely for the money and celebrity life style but don’t want to do much to get it. Some act like they can’t really be bothered and don’t want to be there (Stan, Tomic, Kyrios). What will we do when the great four retire!

    • I think it unkind to disparage other players for not participating in Rio, unless you just want to glorify Rafa for participating.

      Stan had all intensions of going but he was suffering from back pain and an MRI showed local overstress. Furthermore, he hardly needs money as he is very wealthy with so many products under his name.

      Tomic chose to defend his title in Mexico. He also felt that it was the best career move for himself. Professional tennis players have a short career lifespan so who better to decide what is best for him. Tomic is also a multi-millionaire so skipping a tournament to attend Rio would hardly put him in the poor house.

      Nick has been having ongoing problems with Chiller, the chef de mission of the AOC. According to Nick she publicly embarrassed him. Tennis Australia stated that, “ was disappointed Kyrgios has been put in this position.” Obviously this statement indicates that Tennis Australia wanted him to go to Rio. He chose not to. Whatever the reason, it’s his prerogative. And he’s got plenty of money, also.

      The excuse Rafa gave for playing the W&S is beyond my comprehension. He purportedly said he was tired of being home for three months. He was home for only two, but it may have seemed like three. While home, he was busy with his interactive museum, the academy and other civic matters according to the various posts supplied by RNF. If the court is the only place that Rafa is truly happy, he had better start taking better care of himself. I hope he starts making wise decisions because he can only be the better for it.


      • ‘if the court is the only place that Rafa is truly happy, he had better start taking better care of himself”. Great comment – I echo that very loudly.

  6. Sweet Rafa you are a living legend. No one will ever replace you. I didn’t see the match but see from the comments you weren’t 100%. You are very philosophical about your losses, injuries and age so we must be too. A forced rest, as others have said, will be good. We’ll see you soon. I’ll reflect on Monte Carlo, Barcelona and your shiny Gold medal.

  7. I’m so sad. I was so afraid that this is going to happen sooner or later after he came back so early and after that immense program he played in Rio. Please, Rafa, get enough restt till the US open. We do not want to lose you until the rest of the season.😖😩

  8. RAFA GET SOME REST. This is the first time I am glad he has been beaten , before more problems arise Now he can go home and get his fitness up to scratch ready for the US Open

  9. Oh Rafa , you are very stubborn . I know it’s your nature to keep going but sometimes you have to know when enough is enough . I can understand you were on a roll coming from the Olympics and playing so well but you are clearly exhausted and as the commentator have said you have wrist/ ankle problems and a cold . You are clearly not well even Andy looks exhausted and he’s on top form . Please don’t give the haters more excuses to batter you

    • You re right, Maria.
      Ankle, wrist and a cold? Oh dear, and of course he was playing, regardless. The physio was kneading his arm very long after the first set. Thanks tennistv for no commercials.
      I’m wondering how should all this heal until US-open…😣
      Don’t want to but i’m already in the middle of one of those periodic panic- processes🙄.

  10. Rafa, Rafa, Rafa, what is going on champ….tired? wrist problem? or is Coric the better today? Why didn’t you just skip W&S and prepare for US Open. I am not pleased.
    Go home and get into fighting form…



  11. Jay beer is such a terrible person and he should have been removed from this site, according to guttmensch margo. For jaybeer saw nadal last week, and expressed that what he saw was not good at all.
    Nadal is about to lose his 3rd of his last 4 matches (1-6 0-4 vs coric) but oh no, jay beer is a piece of crap for seeing and saying what is the reality. Rafa does not stand a chance anymore going on like this. Keep applauding and cheering guys, keep ignoring the ugly truth.

  12. Rafa I wish you would stop the match before you do any more damage , go home and take rest ,you must be exhausted after the Olympics

  13. Borna is the up and coming future of Tennis, but Rafa is the force that has ruled hearts all over the world for the past decade. There will be a time for Borna to shine, but Rafa is still there in the spotlight. Vamos all the way!!!!!!

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