Rafael Nadal’s 2016 Rio Olympics Draw

El tenista español Rafael Nadal ofrece una rueda de prensa hoy, miércoles 3 de agosto de 2016, en la Villa Olímpica de Río de Janeiro (Brasil). Rafael Nadal, que retomará la competición dos meses después de la lesión en la muñeca que padeció en Roland Garros, reconoció este miércoles que el hecho de haber sido elegido abanderado para Río de Janeiro tuvo una gran influencia para decidir jugar la competición porque no podía "renunciar a ser abanderado por segunda vez". EFE/ Esteban Biba
Photo by EFE/Esteban Biba

The draw for tennis event at the 2016 Rio Olympics has been made. It sees Rafael Nadal drawn in the first round against Argentine Federico Delbonis.

Rafa leads head-to-head series 3-0 agaisnt Delbonis and will be confident of securing a second round match-up against the winner of the clash between Andreas Seppi and Illya Marchenko.


If Rafa is to win gold for Spain then he will most likely need to beat both Djokovic and Murray. Only ten of the world’s Top 20 men are playing singles.

Rafa’s potential route to the final:

  • Round 1: Federico Delbonis
  • Round 2: Andreas Seppi or Illya Marchenko
  • Round 3: Gilles Simon
  • Quarter final: David Goffin
  • Semi final: Novak Djokovic
  • Final: Andy Murray

Projected quarterfinals:

  • Novak Djokovic vs Jo-Wilfried Tsonga
  • Rafael Nadal vs David Goffin
  • Kei Nishikori vs Gael Monfils
  • Andy Murray vs David Ferrer

In the doubles – which sees him seeded sixth with Marc Lopez – he will face Robin Haase and Jean-Julien Rojer in the first round.

Good luck & Vamos Rafa!


  1. Rafa, as you can see, your fans are supporting you with love and fervor!!! If you should feel your wrist is not what it should be, YOU decide to play or not. We don’t want to see a great career fall apart because you didn’t pay enough attention to an injury. That said, I wish you good health, good luck and good decisions!!! VAMOS RAFA!!!!

  2. Very good Rafa! Wonderfull!
    Let’s go to the next, you can do it! Gogogogo!!!!!!!!!!!! We will be with you!

  3. I’m like Shirley taya. I’m worried about Rafa’s fitness especially his wrist. Look how long a wrist injury has kept Del potto away. Don’t want Rafa to retire because of injuries.
    Anyway since Rafa is participating I wish him the very best of luck. Wish he could ‘wipe out’ all the others – even if he doesn’t, very proud of him as always. Have fun Rafa. Love you forever! Vamos!!!!!!!

  4. Can,t wait for the Olympic Openiing Ceremony to see Rafa carrying the flag for Spain will be amazing, He so deserves the Honour. Gold ,Silver or Bronze who cares It,s Rafa Hope he can go all the way i know he,s up against some stiff opposition but just to be there is enough for me Vamos RAFA

  5. Rafa is there in Rio to be the flag bearer for Spain….that is good enough for me! He Already has accomplished so much who cares if he brings home gold, silver or bronze… he will have a blast and who knows…Rafa has has Surprised all of us many times before!

  6. I am a “worrier” by nature, n I am very worried that you are not being honest about your wrist Rafa, as in the past you have been criticised for being too open n honest about your health, nervousness, etc. I am 80 years old n may not see the next Olympics, therefore, I am praying that your Wrist n body are 100 percent n you win Gold again. You can beat the No.1 n No.2 if you are fit n well. Djokovic was brought down to size in Wimbledon n can be beaten again. You have the right temperament n the fighting spirit, n above all you are a sporting n dignified loser. It has been documented that you n Roger Federer bring glamour to a tournament, n we are just happy you are there n sad for Roger. Enjoy yourself Rafa, take care, n carry your Flag proudly (I hope it is not too heavy)! Look forward to seeing you on TV tonight. Vamos Rafa. God Bless You. Love your Aussie Abuela. 🏆🏆👑👯🎈🎈💥😀😊😇

    • Shirley Taya … Don’t worry so much… Rafa will be fine he is going to have so much fun Representing his country and having all his Spanish friends and athletes there… He will have a blast medal or not! You enjoy yourself and I can’t believe you are 80 years young! For sure you will be around for many more Olympics!

    • Shirley Taya.
      As an eighty two year old fellow australian I too am concerned about the state of Rafa’s wrist.
      It would completely devastate him if he had to pull out of any or all of the three events after only a couple of rounds. He would also feel terrible to have left his doubles partners stranded.
      Hopefully I am worrying too much and he will be able to go deep into at least one of the events.
      If he wins a medal that would be great but just to see him go through without further injury is enough for me.
      Best of luck Rafa and please look after yourself.

  7. Rafa and Marc, You are amazing representatives for your special country Spain.

    We pray you stay healthy and that the singles are in your favour.

    Love and prayers for the flag carrying tomorrow, and for the games,


  8. Provided his wrist is okay Rafael will do well. He is the ultimate competitor. Best of luck to him in singles, doubles with Marc and mixed doubles with Garbrine.

      • It was a pic which is going around on Twitter. But we know he still has some pain so better stay optimistic. I’m a natural pessimist. Rafa said playing through too much pain was one of the causes of his anxiety attacks – let’s also hope he’s also over that important mental hurdle!

      • Sighh. Well at least we know that “strange feeling” he has suffered is not something natural.

  9. Bonne chance à rafa👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍vamos rafa✌

  10. This Olympics is a milestone for Rafael and he deserves the honour to represent
    Spain. Win or lose, enjoy the moment. 🍀 good luck 👍👏👑🏆👊😎♥️

    • Rafael biztos, hogy mindent elkövet a győzelemért, hiszen ezt a hazájáért is és magáért is teszi. Kell a szerencse is, de a jó játékára mindenképpen szüksége lesz! Vamos Rafa! 😀 😀

  11. All we can do is wish Rafa the best. There could be surprises.
    Tomorrow the flags.


  12. On the draw itself, I expected that he would have to face Djokovic and Murray, if he gets that far. I don’t know if the order really makes a difference. I am a diehard fan, but I am trying to be realistic too. Again, just enjoy and stay injury free!

  13. Rafa himself has lowered his expectations, and we fans should do the same. He already has a gold medal, but I would love him to win one with his BFF Marc. I just want him to stay healthy and to avoid any further damage to his wrist.

    • I always dream about he would win single gold medal in Rio and Australian Open 2017 to make it Double Career Golden Slam. That would be UNIQUE!!!

  14. Good luck Rafa you know you can do this we your fans are all their for you and only wish you the best
    Also good luck to Marc too go do this 😄😄

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