July 2017 date set for Nadal doping lawsuit

AFP – Rafael Nadal’s lawsuit against former French sports minister Roselyne Bachelot, who accused him of doping, will be judged next year, judicial sources said. The case will be heard before a Paris court on July 7, 2017.

Barcelona Open BancSabadell – Trofeo Conde de Godo Facebook
Barcelona Open BancSabadell – Trofeo Conde de Godo Facebook

Bachelot, who served as sports minister between 2007 and 2010, alleged that Rafa faked an injury in 2012, when he missed the final six months of the season due to knee problems, in order to hide a positive drug test.

“I am tired about these things. I let it go a few times in the past. No more,” the 14-time Grand Slam champion said, adding that he expected better of a person who was “minister of a big country and a great country like France”.

Rafa has never failed a drug test and has always vehemently denied taking a banned substance.

Source: AFP


  1. Today, finally a few tidbits from the Nadal camp.
    According to Dr. Ruiz-Cotorro, “I see Rafa strong, he is following the normal recovery schedule and meeting the timeframe we set.
    He is working very well and the sooner he can recover and start to compete the better it will be for him to get into a rhythm. We have to be careful. He is strengthening the wrist and that is the most complicated aspect and where we have to be more careful.”
    Nadal is expected to return to play at the Toronto Masters at the end of July before traveling to Brazil.

  2. Exactly what I was saying, she’s blaming newspapers and others in an attempt to extricate herself from the affair as if her opinion was someone else’s. She merely “repeated” it. I agree with your suspicion of what her defense may be. However, I cannot find any instance where she precluded her accusations with “so and so said” or “this article by bla bla” said. If she can prove that she was quoting someone else that could weaken Rafa’s case but nowhere can I find where she quoted someone else. SHE SHOULD BE HELD RESPONSIBLE.
    Of course no one believed her so she must have felt like a jerk, or maybe she was just happy to be quoted in a newspaper for her scandalous remarks about Rafa. To disparage a person like Rafa she’s got to have a very dark heart.
    LOL “Bile” love your choice of words.


  3. I do not believe this rumour, and fully trust Rafa. This stress has to be interfering with his tennis. Which is unfair. She has no proof. Why would Rafa miss any tournament, only if he couldn’t play. He is chasing record’s and titles. He has always tested clean. Yet still won all the French titles without drug’s. So he is capable of winning because he is an athlete. I could say she was doped up when she worked long hours as minister. Anyone could say anything damaging about anyone, but you need proof. Why didn’t she say that at the time. She has to explain where she got that idea from. It is very serious and could ruin reputations. All Rafa fan’s and anyone who knows him knows the truth. Hurry up back Rafa big fan miss your tennis. Want you back in the slams VAMOS RAFA. From big fan Joanne. ( England)

    • NO ONE BELIEVED HER but I feel there could have been a strong response from the ATF, the current sports minister of France, and any other tennis-related organization. Perhaps a statement signed by all. I don’t know if that is allowable, though, i.e., rules and regulations regarding such incidences.


    • Joanne that’s my biggest fear – that the stress is interfering with his tennis. He has enough to contend with recovering from injury (again!). He has been suffering from anxiety the last couple of years – this really can’t be helping.

  4. Dear RAFA,

    You are such a man of GREAT integrity, and I am glad that you are doing this with the French ex lady of sport.

    I have ALWAYS admired your amazing integrity, wherever you go in the world, your behaviour is so commendable, and you are so held in such wonderful esteem by the millions of supporters,who value your high priority on your tennis, your conduct in the public eye, with your Maria, and with your family and friends.
    Everyone is behind you, and I am praying for a wonderful outcome.

    Love and prayers,


  5. In a Le Figaro interview (11/3/16) w/Bachelot, she was asked to respond to Toni calling her an imbecile after she accused Rafa of doping.
    “I am flattered by Mr. Nadal’s interest in me. I simply echoed the sentiment largely held by those in the tennis world and in the press. Journals such as L’Equipe or Le Monde, and people like Jannick Noah expressed accusations of doping.” Seems she is blaming everyone except herself.
    The interview is longer but my French suffers so maybe RNF or a fan here could translate it for others to read.


      • Not a problem with me. I’ve already read the article. I did not ask you to speak French.
        As a Rafa fan I want to know anything and everything to do with my champion and thought others with an open mind would feel likewise. There have been numerous articles translated from French or Spanish to English. I thought with all the multi-lingual visitors here that someone could do a better job than I did. It is possible that others may want to know to what extent the duplicitous Bachelot would go to in order to make herself look like a victim instead of admitting that Rafa is the victim of her unfounded accusations.

    • Sounds like she is trying to absolve herself of responsibility which is a good sign in my opinion. Noah’s remarks were in 2011 (I believe) so to resurrect this is less than weak evidence seeing as the French Tennis Federation slammed him at the time. I think I remember Noah saying he did not direct this at Rafa particularly. She also appears to be distancing herself from Uncle Tony as though she didn’t publically character assassinate his nephew (sign of fear?). IF this is her defence then we know where we are going – it was not her personal opinion. I don’t understand French but with Google Translate I looked over some of the commentary – the majority (beyond the usual bile) doubt her integrity – saying she was an incompetent minister and (as I suspected) has been selling herself on reality tv. I wouldn’t give her anymore air time.

  6. Rafael Nadal deserves to have the truth prevail. Why would Mme. Bachelot choose to make unsupported statements about an athlete who has done so much for the French Open?
    Perhaps this hearing is not the only investigation she should undergo?

    • Nowadays politicians sell themselves for publicity – they have become self-serving celebrity seekers. She could have just humiliated herself on Big Brother.

  7. Clearly she is a hard nosed ex politician used to controversy. Arrogant to the last. She should have apologised by now. I wonder how she would feel face to face with a man like Nadal though – I wouldn’t want to be the one to look him in eye. The French campaign against the Spanish has been ugly. That Rafa won over the RG crowd by just being himself after years of hatred and booing (even at 17) is testimony to the man. He has brought £millions into France. But still he gets a knife in the back. I hope she fries.

    • WHAAAOOOWEEE, if only she could read this comment. Maybe it would make her cognizant of how she is perceived and hopefully instill in her an iota of repentance. Then again, maybe that may be asking too much.
      Maybe frying is too lenient.


      • Margo, if I was a different kind of person I would bombard her twitter account with hate messages – but that’s sinking to her level.

      • Nah, I don’t see you doing that. My mom taught me never to lower myself to someone else’s level.

        I just want to congratulate you on a most deliciously written venomous comment on her yet. < Hope this sentence makes sense.

  8. So happy that you are finally going to put these doping allegations to rest. So sick of hearing that you must be doping because you never get tired after five hours of grueling tennis and that your body looks like you do steroids… I wonder why Dejokavic is never accused of doping when he can’t even move, then all of a sudden he conjures up all this energy to polish off his opponent ?? I hope you sue the skirt off of this women and anyone else who wants to tarnish your Impeccable stature… I just love you Rafa, you have giving me hours and hours of enjoyment along with the love of tennis. Please get well soon! For all the people who say bad thing about you they are just plain Jealous and there is plenty to be jealous of … You are Rafael Nadal… A tennis God like no other !

    • Haha!

      When you speak of the ability of Djokovic to perform miraculously, you’re perfectly describing Nadal. It’s why many people suspect him.

  9. RNF has posted a fine heading. I understood it immediately. It’s a lot better than some other posts that contain confusing translations or misleading headings.
    One commenter (Muller) says, in French, that Bachelot never did anything for the sport and that she is actually detested by so many Frenchmen. She characterized Bachelot as arrogant and dares to hope for a public apology. I second that for when she loses the lawsuit!


  10. On sait tous que rafa ne s est jamais drogué jamais jamais ! !! Roselyne Bachelot est 1 femme méprisante qui n est pas beaucoup appréciée en France . Elle n a jamais rien fait pr le sport quand elle en était ministre elle a été 1 ministre minable ! Aujourd’hui elle en est réduite à apparaître dans des émissions minables et j ose espérer qu’ elle sera contrainte à faire des excuses publiques à rafa !! Vive rafa on t aime !!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  11. Dear Rafa, I am GLAD you are taking this woman to court. I have no doubt you will be successful in proving how wrong she is to have made such terrible accusations against you. That said, it is obvious from the preceding comments, and my own thoughts, that your fans are solidly behind you. Mind you, I am eighty-eight years old and not given to making unnecessarily silly statements. I have come to admire your strong devotion to family, friends, your work ethic and your performances on the tennis courts of the world. You have amassed a record few will ever hope to attain, and I look forward to seeing you play when your wrist allows. I also look forward to seeing the headlines when your case against Bachelot comes to a conclusion. VAMOS RAFA!!!

  12. The heading is a little confusing and gives the wrong slant. Think you should change. It is a long time to wait but that is obviously the legal process in France. Am very pleased that Rafael is taking this dreadful woman to court. How he is missed on court. Tennis is so dull without him

  13. Bachelot est 1 femme méprisante et qui lorsqu’elle était ministre n a jamais rien fait pr le sport!!! Elle est détestée par 1 gd nombre de français et ce qu’ elle a osé dire sur rafa n est pas digne d 1 ancienne ministre du sport aussi minable soit-elle !!! J ose espérer que celle-ci lui fera des excuses publiques ! !! Vive rafa le meilleur joueur sur terre battue ! !! Vamos rafa

  14. HOORAH for you Rafa. When you win I hope the laws in France provide for her paying your court costs as they do here in the U.S.
    Too bad Jannick Noah wasn’t added to the lawsuit. He and Bachelot have a lot of soul searching to do. Since the commencement of you lawsuit she has been veeeeery quiet. I guess she will think twice before replicating her accusations against you or any other innocent tennis athlete.


  15. Absolutely.. she should be held accountable. I have been a Rafael Nadal follower for more than a dozen years and cannot fathom how anyone could fabricate such an accusation of a man so totally honest… a man of great character on and off the court.

  16. Good for you Rafa far too many accusations made which are unacceptable not just againest you but I see it about others on Facebook too and this is just so not right people should be held to account if they make false accusations about others
    So go for it Rafa

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