PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal Hurries Into Second Round Of Roland Garros

(AP) Nine-time champion Rafael Nadal begun his Roland Garros campaign with 6-1, 6-1, 6-1 victory over Sam Groth in 80 minutes on Suzanne-Lenglen Court on Tuesday. He played flawless tennis throughout, making only three unforced errors in a one-sided match.

Rafa ended his opponent’s misery with a trademark crosscourt forehand winner on his second match point.

After the match, Rafa said:

It’s obvious that this was a good start for me. The most important thing I had to do was return well, and then play without too many mistakes. It’s obvious that this opponent plays better on faster surfaces. In general I played a solid match. Feeling the support of the crowd was is always special for me here, so thank you to them for that.

Our champ next faces either Facundo Bagnis of Argentina or French qualifier Kenny de Schepper.


  1. Rafa I’m so happy you are playing so good .you are the KING of Clay .you can do it win another French Open.good luck your fans for ever.wi love you.🎾🎾🎾🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾

    • Rafa, enhorabuena para ayer, siga. Congrats for yesterday, continue. Stan y Andy han hecho una batalla larga mas larga por la primera ronda. Habriamos preferido que usted ganaria en Madrid. Carlos Moya no habria debido invitar Andy a Mallorca para acostumbarse a jugar en la tierra batida espanola. Hay que regranalo. Fiona en Paris

  2. Congrats to Rafa! ESPN showed the match between Radek and Andy! It’s a good start for our champion! Vamos Rafa and stay focused and believe in your potentials!

  3. Well done Rafa would love to have watched the match but as I live in Scotland all we seem to get is the British players tennis !!!! Much as Andy is one of my favourites too Rafa is the best ever and I would prefer to see him play
    Good match today Rafa keep on playing like this and you will win this title again
    Your fans are all behind you and only wish you the best
    So just go Rafa go always our champion !!

  4. I got up at 4am to watch Rafa… I can say I’m more than pissed off…they showed the first 2 games and then switched over to the Murray match. I agree that Rafa never gets the respect that he deserves… I could not believe it… Nine time winner at RG and he only gets coverage of two games! The Tennis Channel is crap… They want you to order tennis plus and other programs. I hope they repeat it today but likely it will show the same…seems like they only show Rafa when he loses….then they repeat it and repeat it and Make a big deal out of it … Disgraceful! Happy that he won his first round … Just would have liked to have seen a bit of it . VAMOS RAFA !

  5. I am dreaming of Rafa doing this hotshot between his legs a lot of times to Djokovic in the final. Vamos Rafa!!!!

  6. Hi RafaNadalFans, is it possible to post a link to the match? I’m surprised at how little TV coverage is in the States, Tennis Channel and Tennis Channel Plus both covered the Murray match while Rafa was playing! From the stats and comments, Rafa played an incredible match! Can’t wait to see it later somewhere. Rafa, you’re the best!

    • I’m glad you brought that up!!! Yes, the press hasn’t paid Rafa the attention he deserves. Everyone, from Nishikori to Djokovic gets more attention than a NINE TIME WINNER OF THE FRENCH OPEN!! THIS doesn’t make sense on ANY LEVEL!!! AND, mind you, I’m not including the nine Monaco tournaments, or the eight Madrid tournaments, or ANY of the other multiple wins in other tournaments. The bright, shining light that is Rafael Nadal will burn fiercely long after his opponents and the indifferent press is gone!!! Of that I AM certain! WHY? FACTS DO NOT LIE!!! RAFA’S achievements will live forever in the annals of tennis history, safe from the stupid disinterest of woefully lesser human beings!!!

    • YB, I thought that TennisPlus showed the complete matches on five courts. Is that not the case? I was thinking of buying it.

      • I also thought Tennis Channel Plus covers other courts. But in today’s schedule, it only shows matches on Chatrier. There are more ATP/WTA matches on Tennis TV these days (a separate subscription). Unfortunately, no Grandslam matches.

    • The French just hate Rafa so much. Look at how they treat Rafa in 2009. Booing him so much.
      9-time champion but no tribute to him. French are joke!!!

    • Becky, Tennis Channel showed the first three games before switching to the Andy Murray match. If Rafa’s match had been closer, they would have tried to show more. It only took Rafa 80 minutes to win.

  7. Unfortunately I saw little of this match, but was tracking the score. Rafa started strong and stayed strong. A great way to begin so no need for nerves. I will check for highlights. Happy for Rafa and his fans!

  8. A fantastic beginning, Rafael. Stay focussed, fierce, and hungry. You look “at home”, finding your niche. Keep the confidence brimming, and fight on!👏👏👏👍👍👍👑🏆♥️

  9. Happy for you. Great warm up game. This is your comeback year. Best of luck keep playing tough .you are the king of clay. Take it back. It is yours for the taking.

  10. I’m off 2 work maria – so keep me posted as to novak’s smarmy face and erratic mood. Lol. Just seen a replay of rafa hitting a hotshot between his legs and his humble amusement after it. What a bloody star he is

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