Rafael Nadal Attends 2016 French Open Player Party

Last night was the official players’ party in Paris. Here are some photos of Rafael Nadal at the event.

Video: Roland Garros


  1. I have watched you since you were 18. Your strength in the face of adversity is like no other. I would love to see you play in person just once. I would settle for a practice game. Ha ha. I will be watching you at Roland Garros on the tennis channel. I will say break a leg because that is what people say when They perform on stage. I will be praying that you win. You really have the ability to do it. I love your skills and talent more than anyone out there. You are polite and gracious to everyone. I believe you know you can win this one match at a time. Remember to enjoy it also. Your biggest and most loyal fan.


  2. Forever Rafael and the French Open. He has written history here. A remarkable
    accomplishment. I have witnessed your play at Indian Wells; it was a privilege.
    His grit and grace at Roland Garros must be astonishing. Fight on with ferocity
    and confidence-Burn Bright-🔥💪👊👍👏👑🏆🇪🇸👑❤️

  3. Looks really great as usual and so relaxed and happy just such a lovely person
    I hope with all my heart and mind he wins RG

  4. RAFA you are ALWAYS so gentlemanly, polite, friendly and an amazing ambassador for yourself,

    family and country.

    Love and prayers for Roland Garros


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