VIDEO: Rafael Nadal’s touching tribute to Flavia Pennetta

Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Fabio Fognini and Serena Williams all gave touching video messages to Flavia Pennetta speaking honestly about their respect and admiration for the Italian.

Rafa said:

Hi Flavia! I don’t like to do this video because it is a retirement video. And I believe all of us would like to have you longer on the circuit. I know that you had an impressive career, and even more so in the way you finished, finishing in one of the biggest tournaments like the US Open. As friends, we can only support your decision and wish that you will be happy. And surly you will be. Everything will go well from now on. We will still keep in touch and see you in the tennis world, and outside. A big kiss, and good luck.

Video: WTA 



  1. Like to see this commeraderie between players. She’s awesome and I think she and Fabio make a darling couple. What a great way to leave the sport–as a big winner!


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