Madrid Open R2: What time does Rafael Nadal play against Andrey Kuznetsov?

On Tuesday, four-time champion Rafael Nadal will play his first match at the Mutua Madrid Open against Russian Andrey Kuznetsov, who beat Viktor Troicki 6-4, 6-4 in one hour and 21 minutes.

Photo via Madrid Open
Photo via Madrid Open

Date: May 3, 2016

Match time: Not before 4 PM local time / 10 AM  EDT –  New York, Montreal / 3 BST – United Kingdom / 4 PM CET – Spain, France, Germany, Italy / Midnight – Melbourne. To convert to your local time, use this website.

Watch online: 3pmstream

Rafa leads head-to-head series 2-0. Here are the matches our champ and Andrey have played against each other:

Rafa has a 39-9 career record in Madrid, winning the title four times (2005, ’10, ’13-14) while reaching the final three other times (2009, ’11, ’15).

Since 2009, he’s reached the final six of the last seven years (except ’12-3R).

He enters with a 22-6 match record on the season (14-2 on clay).


Source: ATP World Tour


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      I have to admit though that some of your posts are long. However, others also have posted lengthy comments [I included]. Post on!


  3. VAMOS RAFA ❤️😃🎾💪
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      • I LOVE YOUR VIEWS ashish & Tennis SENSIBILITY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) You seem to really know Rafa’s game inside out!!!!! : ) I enjoy your wise feed back of his play very much!!!! : ) Also, thank you for always being modest, positive & classy with your comments. : )

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  7. Vamos Rafa – I saw you play in Barcelona last week. Just keep up the good work!!

  8. Good luck and best wishes for tomorrow just do your best as usual we are all here for you
    Just go Rafa go you know you can win this
    Use the confidence you have gained over the last few matches and play with aggression and just keep on Playing as you have done recently
    VAMOS Rafa x

  9. Hmm.. as expected he is facing a kitchen sinkn shot maker, so keep calm and get that aggressive attitude there in the match and just remember to bring that spinning high shoulder/ chest bounce in ur game

    And i want ur getting quickly to positions to hit shots, shot selection and ur forehand continue to be great as u done previous tournaments

    And now into the most important month of may just look for the perfect areas to hit ur serve and refine ur drop and lob shots

    A very best luck for tommorrows match

    Vamos rafa vamos

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    • LOVE YOUR VIEWS ashish & Tennis SENSIBILITY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) You seem to really know Rafa’s game inside out!!!!! : ) I enjoy your wise feed back of his play very much!!!! : ) Also, thank you for always being modest, positive & classy with your comments. : )

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