Watch highlights of Rafael Nadal’s victory over Kei Nishikori in the Barcelona Open final

Highlights from Sunday’s final, where Kei Nishikori took on top seed Rafael Nadal.

Video: ATP World Tour


  1. In my opinion Rafa is the most honest,caring, professional sports person ever. His integrity and politeness is beyond belief. He always has time for fans and the media even during the last tough year he has had. His parents must be so proud of him. Sue her for all you can to make sure she nor anyone else does it in the future. Typical Rafa, not taking any monies for himself from the compensation. Hope Rafa wins his 10th French Open, good luck.

  2. Vamos Rafa 🙂 after all the “set-backs” of the last 18 month through sheer determination and fighting spirit such a sweet and “well-deserved” reward !
    back to back championships in Monte Carlo and Barcelona : Champion:)

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