VIDEO: An interview with Rafael Nadal after his win in the final of the Barcelona Open

Rafael Nadal reacts to winning the Barcelona Open BancSabadell for a record ninth time.

Video: ATP Wolrd Tour


  1. After a slump last year, and even before that, the feeling is one of relief and gracias to God. If Rafa continues this form of strength in mind and body, he’ll be a contention once again in the forthcoming slams and the masters 1000😊


  2. l think you are the best thing since sliced have so well vamos rafa, your game go the same way next week in madrid by for the time being glennis.


  3. So proud of you. So fun to watch. I get up bright and early. So I am able to see you play. Love the mental toughest you show. Great player you are. These last two wins I have noticed a much bigger smile and glow to that smiled. After the last two years this is a great way to start a come back. Congratulations.


  4. Great to see “The King of Clay” is back at his best form. Without you Rafa, tennis is no more fun for me. Congratulations on your 9th title both at Monte Carlo & Barcelona. Looking forward to see you at the French Open. Vamos idol!!!!


  5. Rafa, we all love you and admire you, and win or lose you are so gracious,
    and your lovely family admire you so much,

    WEll done and all the4 best fro Madrid,

    Love and God Bless,



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