VIDEO: Highlights from Rafael Nadal’s straight sets win over Fabio Fognini in Barcelona

Rafael Nadal faced Fabio Fognini in an action packed quarterfinal in Barcelona.

Video: Barcelona Open


  1. One mor match to go Rafa keep on fighting as you have been doing so great to see the old Rafa back you little k so happy to win
    Was a difficult opponent Fogini but you just kept on going with your great tennis
    Good luck tomorrow against Kei he is a good player too but all your fans know you can do this and you know yourself you can so just Go Rafa Go

  2. Welcome back Rafa , you have todays game in the bag the test will be tomorrow against Nishikori but we know you can do it . I think 9 must be your lucky number. Lovely to see all of Nadal’s family their yesterday his dad looks great with the grey hair

  3. This match was not perfect, however it is good to see that Nadal was hitting at force, also on many big points. Last year, at 5-4 deuce, he constantly went into choke mode. Not yesterday.

  4. I wonder what’s happened to all the “mouth pieces” that normally prowl about on this site usually after Rafa loses to spout their condescending self righteous crap!!! You know who you all are.. Just goes to prove what we knew all along NOT FANS AT ALL..good luck today Rafa you are playing so well VAMOS

  5. Happy u won over Fognini-erratic player but u came up with some spectacular shots. Keep up the momentum; we recognize you now, Rafael!😎❤️👑🏆💛👍

  6. Congratulations Rafa 😃👏 All the very best of luck at the semis 🍀😘
    VAMOS Champ 🎾💪😊

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