ATP Rankings: Rafael Nadal had a great week in Race to London

Spain's Rafael Nadal celebrates with his trophy during the awarding ceremony following the final tennis match against France's Gael Monfils at the Monte-Carlo ATP Masters Series Tournament in Monaco on April 17, 2016. Nadal defeated Monfils 7-5, 5-7, 6-0 to win a record ninth title at the Monte Carlo Masters.. AFP PHOTO / JEAN CHRISTOPHE MAGNENET / AFP / JEAN CHRISTOPHE MAGNENET (April 17, 2016 - Source: AFP)

The post Monte-Carlo Masters rankings are up.

Rafael Nadal is still the 5th-ranked tennis player in the world, behind Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray, Roger Federer and Stan Wawrinka.

The good news for Rafa is that he is in a good position heading toward the French Open. Only 865 points separates him and Stan the Man. Our champ also extended his lead over No. 6 Kei Nishikori to over 1000 points.

# Name Nationality Points Tournaments
1. Djokovic Novak Serbia 15550 17
2. Murray Andy United Kingdom 8175 19
3. Federer Roger Switzerland 7785 17
4. Wawrinka Stan Switzerland 6460 23
5. Nadal Rafael Spain 5595 23
6. Nishikori Kei Japan 4490 21
7. Tsonga Jo-Wilfried France 3400 22
8. Ferrer David Spain 3190 20
9. Berdych Tomas Czech Republic 3120 22
10. Gasquet Richard France 2840 21

Race to London:
In the 52 week rankings, the year to date rankings, Rafa moves up 10 places to #4. Last week, our champion earned more points than he did in last three months.

# Name Nationality Points Tournaments
1. Djokovic Novak Serbia 4350 6
2. Raonic Milos Canada 1930 5
3. Murray Andy United Kingdom 1925 5
4. Nadal Rafael Spain 1800 7
5. Monfils Gael France 1620 6
6. Nishikori Kei Japan 1480 6
7. Thiem Dominic Austria 1380 9
8. Wawrinka Stan Switzerland 1255 7
9. Bautista-Agut Roberto Spain 1130 9
9. Goffin David Belgium 1130 8


  1. He received his points. This posting is not dated but it’s old (2 weeks), as usual.
    Go look up the ATP ranking for Nadal

    Then look up the RACE TO LONDON ATP ranking for Nadal.

  2. Can anyone please explain why Rafa did not get 1000 points for winning Monte Carlo, and 500 for winning Barcelona. I thought I was well informed about the ranking points, but obviously not!
    Please help! Was he deducted penalty points or what?

  3. 4/21/2016 8:59am NY time
    Nadal beats Montanes at Barcelona with a 6-2 6-2 victory.

  4. Rafael Nadal Fans supervisor: please make sure your office corrects Nadal’s winning score against Granollers. Merci beaucoup
    A Nadal fan


  5. As many of these comments attest, a true Nadal fan is not worried about his ranking but about him still loving the game and playing the best he can. We also worry about his injuries. I was not overly worried with his slump to #10 because he told us his confidence was lacking. Also, he will be 30 in June so that could also be affecting his play. He quickly rose to #5 and I was glad that he was on the rebound. My biggest concern now is that he does not exhaust himself. It’s like he is playing non-stop. I have to trust him and his team that they will take exceptional care of him and keep him in competitive form. I was thrilled to see him thrilled about his MC win last week.
    Instead of worrying about his ranking Rafael Nadal Fans should have had Tommy Hilfiger pull all those ads that read “Rafael Nadal plays w/himself.” DISGRACEFUL. It is inconceivable that this ad was approved. Was it supposed to be a joke? If so, I did not laugh!

  6. Rafa will never think of rankings ….

    as long as he win which he will continue to do it rest of things will take care of themselves

    And the when u reach 2 nd then its time to have a look on it to try to reach no 1

    Vamos rafa vamos

    Stay healthy…..take rest

  7. RE: Linda Howard
    Your comment is totally unfounded. Please read or re-read my post of 1:32PM.
    There is no reply button for you so I’m guessing you have something to do with Rafa’s fan club.
    I can understand your fear of a bataille royale here but it is totally unfounded. I would not disgrace Rafa by posting lies on his fan club site.
    You should have read my earlier post before making your ill founded insinuations. Don’t worry, no hard feelings. I’m just a fervent Nadal fan who appreciates the beauty of him and his game.

  8. RE: Linda Arnold 11:01pm comment
    DON’T misconstrue what I (we) said. No one is talking about hate except you. We were comparing the gentlemanly behavior of Rafa to “That” one. And, his poor sportsmanship. And yes, Roger can be snarky but I have never seen Roger throw a tantrum such as… And yes, “that” one called for higher pay for male tennis players.
    If you consider telling the truth vile, then move to Russia or the Middle East.
    No one prayed for the downfall of ND but merely made the observation that when it does happen it won’t be pretty. Consider all the recent tournaments that Rafa should have won but didn’t. He didn’t throw tantrums, he was gracious to his opponents. And when Rafa lost I did not vilify his opponent. I simply carried on in the hope that he would find his form again.
    Get a grip!

  9. “That guy” is a great player but lacks a lot otherwise, bad manners on court, breaks racquets, superior attitude when his opponents hit a great shot. He will never be held in the same respect as Rafael Nadal. Great to see that wonderful smile again and Maria there to support him

    • You are so right E. Howard. “That” guy’s condescending attitude is on public display. I guarantee you that his on court meltdowns will go into overdrive once he starts losing, which I foresee in the not too distant future. He and Roger have been blessed with little or no injuries.
      BUT, look what Rafa has accomplished DESPITE his many injuries.

      • Sorry I totally disagree …no one can be more of a Rafa fan than me …but I like and respect Novak he’s a decent guy with a great sense of humour ..he’s worked hard to get where he is and he’s a great Champion..I would hate to see us Nadal fans turning as vile as Federer fans when Rafa started beating Roger..don’t hate because at the moment he has the upper hand …people say he’s arrogant I don’t see it that title belongs to Roger ..I don’t think he behaves badly on court either .

  10. Dejokavic is a good guy ….he has worked extremely hard to where he is …however I’m a diehard Rafa fan and when Rafa is playing his best like at Monte Carlo,no one can beat him. He seems to be back in form…just needs to improve on his serve to get the free points and no doubt he will return to…where he belongs!!! Win or lose he was born to be one of tennis greatest player ever. Win or lose He will always be my favorite and millions of others…Vamos Rafa!

  11. One thing the rankings DON’T represent, is the current performances, or, indeed, the popularity of the players! However, they are as they are, and I’m sure Rafa can soon put things right.

  12. Rafa when you’re sad I’m too when you’re happy i’m a most relief I know this win mend so much to you and I felt the same way too it will boost your confidence level more going in this Barcelona tournament and I know you’ll strive on this success up,up,up that is where you ought to be

    • Rafa never left the big 4, he is an integral part of the big 4; maybe you confuse it with being in the top four positions …..

    • The Big 4=Andy Murray, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and the Serb. The expression refers to the four players who have dominated the men’s circuit by winning the most Slams, and Masters titles for the last ten? years. (I forgot the timeframe.) I believe the term was coined before the ascension of Wawrinka.
      Anyone else here please feel free to add to or make corrections.

    • Even though Rafa is still #5 after winning Monte Carlo, it doesn’t matter so long as Rafa keeps up the good work and keeps on winning the ranking will automatically ascend and Rafa will reach #1. Vamos Rafa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Rafa, you have so much to be soooooproud of yourself.

    You are such a credit to yourself, your family and your country.

    I am praying you do VERy well in Barcelona.

    Love and God bless,


  14. Rafa needs to concentrate, as I am, on his game. As he improves and wins more tournaments, his ranking will follow.
    Rafa is the reason I became a tennis fan about ten years ago. I have shared his many joys and disappointments. I know that he always tries his best and that is good enough for me.
    I wish him many more outstanding seasons.

  15. If Rafa continues like this an why shouldn’t he, he’ll continue to clime an who knows,

    • Haha, thanks for not mentioning “that” name.
      For me and many others there is just something very unlikeable about “that” guy. Maybe it stems from many years ago when his family and supporters were just a group of rude spectators. Or maybe it’s the way that he becomes crazy when losing. He looks like the devil incarnate. And, he thinks the male tennis players should earn more than the females because the males are more popular. I hope he doesn’t believe that fans are attending matches to see him. I disliked him even before he started winning big. So I am not talking about sour grapes.
      Enough about “that” guy.
      VAMOS RAFA!!!

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