Rafael Nadal suffers Rio Open defeat to Pablo Cuevas

(Reuters) – Rafael Nadal’s below-par season has continued with the former world number one dumped from the Rio Open semi-finals with a 6-7(6) 7-6(3) 6-4 defeat by unseeded Uruguayan Pablo Cuevas on Saturday.

The top seed pipped Cuevas in a first set tie-break and denied his opponent two set points in the second but succumbed to his first defeat against the world number 45.

“I lost an opportunity, that’s it,” Rafa said after being denied his 100th ATP final by Cuevas who fired 48 winners to clinch the contest.

“I fought until the end. I have to accept it and keep working to try to change the dynamic. That’s what’s happening today and I have to work hard to change it,” added Rafa.

“I didn’t win a title, so it wasn’t a positive two tournaments. I had my chances in both. I lost in the semi-finals of both tournaments and just have to look forward to Indian Wells.”

Source: Reuters


  1. I urge everyone to watch, if you haven’t already, Rafa’s “Hot Shot” against Almagro earlier in the tournament. A running forehand winner at full stretch from the far corner of the court. The flattest, hardest, deepest shot he hit the entire match. And from the worst possible position. He makes that shot, at best, every one out of four attempts. A very low percentage shot. A VERY LOW CONFIDENCE SHOT. And yet, he made it anyways, because he FULLY COMMITTED to it with his racquet acceleration and follow through(horizontal instead of vertical). Because he had no choice. It was his only chance to win the point. So he went for it. And made it. Which proves my earlier point that it’s NOT about confidence. It’s about commitment. It’s about courage. It’s about coaching. It’s about going for his shots like he used to. Without hesitation. Without fear. Without regret. Not just on Hail Mary shots like this one, but on every shot he has the opportunity to do so. His results and confidence will then take care of themselves. They will never take care of themselves if he continues to push, guide and bunt the ball like he has since late 2013.

    • Watch China open 2015 when rafa hit an amazing forehand down the line against novak as he earliet set himself for that forehand he got an amazing position to hit it

      Its all about confidence on shots……when u r not feeling confident ur hand ur body will not set for right position …

      I guess practice will make it perfect

    • Yes. It’s about coaching. Some newbie just wants to blame “the weather condition” and “mental problems” affected Rafa.

      Rafa has never improved his flat shot, net play, first serve since losing Lukas Rosol in Wimbledon 2012. Since then, he always loses to unknown guy in Wimbledon, But he isn’t not afraid of that. Wimbledon? Ok, that sounds good. No? We still have clay court season. That’s not a good attitude.

      In this age of 30 (come on, Rafa is going to be 30 VERY SOON, DON’T FOOL YOURSELF THAT IS HE IS 29 IDIOT) , a decent first serve would help him very much on holding the game. Look at what Federer did now. His shots may be shaky some moments in the match but he made it to final in many grandslam because of his first serve. Rafa needs to shorten points in his game not LENGTHEN them in the past. It just won’t work with his body now.

      And how the hell that you guys – so called fan are not aware of his slow footwork??? What’s the link to his confidence??? Is that a mental problem or a coaching one?

      Seriously guy, please have some basic tennis knowledge.

  2. I think rafa should play 1 set practice matches against good local player or any other.player and try to be in difficult situation and.play accordingly
    he.should do this for 15 days and should try to play 90 % on forehand side

    • Somebody really good should hit hard deep spin balls closely towards the baseline in practice for hours and Rafa should not be able to leave the court unless he plays 19 out of 20 balls back deep and hard, and not more than one foot from the baseline. This is the way he used to play. Those were the days, when commentators would get in the mood and yelled ‘He’s going for the lines here Nadaaaaaaal!’.

  3. Remember rafa there is a small difference batween a good player and a great player os that great player finds the solutions in important points …..when they find themselves in though position ……u are the example for many on how to play big points thats why u r a great player
    but this days it is not coming off …….
    so there is small difference u need to fill in

    Just work on finding correct position to hit forehands and on u r service game try to play as many forehands as u can …..dont play to much backhands

    Stay healthy and best luck for ur preparations

  4. Well, as J Beer commentated, there has never been so many comments on Rafas fan page, ever. I have contributed a couple already, so thought about another one. Rafa is playing some really good tennis BUT, it appears when the match is nearing conclusion, he seems to tighten up with neves? So my humble opinion is that when he gets to that position is to relax his body/mind and go for it, just like Verdasco did and others and the winners will come.

  5. OLA & VAMOS DEAR RAFA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) Enjoy your brief vacation & always knowing your fans are here, fully supportive & enchanted with your efforts & beautiful Tennis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) VAMOS SWEETHEART & lots of love & happiness to you & your magnificent TEAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) Enjoy everything & KUDOS for all your fare doing to stay fit & top & competitive!!!!! God bless you DEAR RAFA & have a beautiful day! : )

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