VIDEO: Rafael Nadal visits Cosentino Group’s headquarters in Spain

Last week, Rafael Nadal visited Cosentino Group’s headquarters in Cantoria, Spain.

On his arrival, he was welcomed by Eduardo Martínez-Cosentino, the Group’s Sales Director, and by Santiago Alfonso, Marketing and Communication Director, who expressed their “warmest welcome on behalf of the more than 3,300 persons from all over the world who work at Cosentino”.

Video: CosentinoTV


  1. Muy interesante y sigo usted hablando espanol. Esta visita Cosentino nos gusta tambien su encuentro con senor el presidente de argentina. Enhorabuena para el partido frente a juan monaco, sigue. Sobre todo lleva la camiseta amarilla bonita, mi color favorito. Cosentino sembra un buen lugar. Gracias para este videoclip. Fiona en Paris.

  2. He’s such a gentleman. Love his shorter hair cut. Anyone know what kind of shoes he’s wearing with the white soles? He’s been wearing them in most of the videos I’ve seen when he’s “dressed.” I like them.

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