Australian Open R1: Fernando Verdasco pulls off the upset of No. 5 Rafael Nadal

Fernando Verdasco has sent Rafa Nadal crashing out of the Australian Open in the opening round for the first time ever. 87 winners fired Verdasco over the finishing line 7-6(6), 4-6, 3-6, 7-6(4), 6-2.


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  1. This was a disappointment as Rafael made a great effort. Stay positive, as you need to keep your focus even though changes need to be made. Execution of these changes is never easy, but a warrior finds a way.

  2. in sports you don’t need to be saint rafa …….
    u have to compliment other player just for the fact u have to
    and to be angry with urself of ur play and then making no dela about it and assure u will find a way to win next grandslams
    we wnat to see a hunger in ur eyes



  3. Not sure Rafa is you are watching this space at all but I do hope you will read this comment.
    I am big fan of yours from start of career but now things are not the same. You are not the same player anymore, as a fan it’s very sad to see you losing like that.
    I watched full match yesterday & the fact is Fernando didn’t play good you played miserably bad. Did you see your juicy second serve, giving invitation to hit? did you see your forehand? Most of the times there was no power, only thing was working was backend but that wasn’t sufficient. Double fault in first set tiebreak, 2-0 to 2-6 in final set,six games in a row. This is not what we expected from our hero.
    I am sure you know what is the problem but if you can’t change your coach as they are part of your family then what about us? We (all fans) are praying,supporting you,we are also family like. Then please listen to us, add a new coach to your team. Please hire a consultant who can work with you on your body language, I can’t see any more hunger in your eyes. Your confidence is as fragile as your body & mind.
    If you are not ready to change on above please hang your boot, you were the best player for your fans & will remain same forever. But we can’t see you loosing like this, I feel like crying..

  4. if u r going into the match and thinking of winning the match with opponet unforced error or bad play is not we use to see rafa going into the matches earlier

    watched little bit of match ….have to say rafa played so average …i mean rafa played good than this match in US open 2015….
    dont know why but the the energy is absolutely gone on shots not consistent on hitting the area beyond service box
    somehow rafa needs get back that power back in his hands he use to have

    rafa urgently needs master titles under his belt he is suffering from confidence issue going into big tournament matches

    for me rafa played average what he was playing from 4 to 5 months and thats why he lost

    i am in tears now

    please rafa be angry with urself , dont let this match dent ur confidence further

    get the power back

  5. You were right J Beer you are an idiot , all of his fans can see that Rafa is not the player he was and that players he would have beaten easy at one time he now struggles to win against them, and we also know that he would benefit greatly with a new coach alongside uncle Toni.what we don’t need is a sad little man belittling Rafa and his uncle in the process to make himself feel better about his own inadequate self. To comment on his hair is probably making you feel better as you are probably as bald as a coot yourself . very strange that all the haters were on at one time ( what name are you going to use on your next account JBeer/MIOMO/deep/great thinker)

  6. It is understable when rafa says novak played so great in doha and because of his level he lost final
    But repeating that in ao 16 that verdasco played great and that caused rafa to loose

    Please rafa i want to hear from u that u played badly atleast then its right way to find solutions

    Earlier also opponent played great but u managed to play one step better than ur opponent

    I m sure there is something secretly going so wrong with , we all hear dont know
    Rafa is not getting quicknto the balls and the serve is not helping either
    V dont want to see u winning 1 2 or 3 matches
    rafa v want to see u lifting grandslams

    I will standby what i say earlier
    Rafa will still find a way to win grandslams and he will do

    Stay healthy rafa …….take rest
    And be a little lean

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