Qatar Open R2: What time does Rafael Nadal play against Robin Haase in Doha?

After a tough first round match against Pablo Carreño Busta, Rafael Nadal goes on to face Dutchman Robin Haase in the second round in Doha.

 El tenista español Rafael Nadal, durante el partido de primera ronda del torneo de Doha disputado ante su compatriota Pablo Carreño Busta en Qatar, hoy 5 de enero de 2016. EFE/Str
Photo: EFE/Str

Date: January 6, 2016

Time: Approximately 6.30 pm local time, 3.30 pm GMT – United Kingdom / 4.30 pm CET – Spain, France, Germany, Italy / 10.30 am EST –  New York, Montreal / January 7, 2.30 am AEDT – Melbourne. To convert to your local time, use this website.

Watch online: 3pmstream

Our champ and Robin will be going head-to-head for the second time in their careers. They previously faced each other six years ago in Wimbledon, where our champ won 5-7, 6-2, 3-6, 6-0, 6-3. (Updated: They also played at The Boodles last year, but it was an at an exhibition tournament.)

Rafa on playing Haase:

He’s a very dangerous player. Big serve, big forehand, good volley. We’ll see. He’s a tough opponent, and I hope to be ready for it.



  1. Oh and about Haase: he does NOT have a big serve, he has shit shots on both wings. He truly is what we call a very mediocre player. He should be beaten in 2 easy sets.

  2. A good start to 2016 for Rafa and his team I love his positive energy of looking forward and not back and I’m sure this will be a good year for him . looking forward to his next game I’m sure he will play another great game

  3. Why do I have to install this to access the live stream? Is it safe?
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    • NO it is not safe and it is not required. So no, you do not have to install anything………it is not always safe to do… you may get tones of ADS & open windows that are useless. Next time you log on, simply disregard any messages on the screens that asks you to Register or to Install Flash or upgrade etc…. AND simply close that specific screen, wait 2 seconds try then to click on it again, or try to click on another live stream screen ……

      • Today I wanted to watch the Hasse/Nadal match. The site requires registering with a credit card number although they claim that my card will be charged. Is THIS safe??

  4. Uncle Toni still blames Rafa’s “confidence problems” for his sub-par results in 2014 & 2015. Which is another way of saying “Don’t blame me for Rafa’s sub-par play. It’s all in Rafa’s head. It’s all HIS fault.” No Uncle Toni. Rafa’s “confidence problems” are a direct result of major TACTICAL & TECHNICAL flaws in his game the last two years that YOU Uncle Toni have failed to correct. Because YOU Uncle Toni don’t have a bleeping clue. All you care about is keeping your job as Rafa’s “coach” so you can keep your lucrative endorsement deal with Iberostar. Rafa’s future slam results and ‘GOAT’ quest be damned.

    • Your comments show that you know nothing about Rafa, Uncle Toni, what family means to them, and the integrity they all share.
      You are, of course entitled to your opinion. But why can’t you find somewhere else to blather on like this? I truly do not understand. Every comment shows those who know the situation how uninformed and clueless you are.

      • I know far more about Rafa and his sport than you’ll ever know. Why can’t you take your schoolgirl infatuations and fantasies to or some other teen idol website?

    • This is very true. Nadal and his uncle are just practicing. What is the plan? The plan is tro try our best. How on earth is that a plan. Look at Djokovic, he went from being the world no. 1, to being the world no.1 even more, with an enormous gap with the no. 2. Rafa as a world number one was always saying: “Not sure how long I can hold on to this! My god, it’s already incredible that I became the no. 1!” and indeed, he dropped it each time after less than a year. Djokovic has so much more the winner’s mentality. He’s saying: “F it, I’m number one and nobody else will get this spot”. Don’t mistake humbleness with loser mentality.

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