Rafa Roundup: Rafael Nadal & Maria Francisca Perello’s Patient Love

Rafael Nadal and his girlfriend Maria Francisca Perello at Friends' Wedding (13)


“My year has started very well, it was a great match. The rhythm and the intensity of the game was like after six months of a season. Both of us were happy with the way we played and happy with the way that we moved and how we competed. We tried our best and I think people enjoyed it, we played some great points. For me it’s important to start with a victory.”

“Since three or four months I am playing much better, I feel much better on court and today was a good confirmation of that. I’m happy with the way I played in all aspects and now I just need to keep going. I am working hard to be at the level of the best players and I know that when I was playing well in my career I was ready to compete against all of those guys. I feel good now so let’s see, I feel ready to compete,” he added.

“I started very well. It was a great match I think. First match of the season and the rhythm and intensity of the game is like after six months of the season,” said a delighted Nadal, who faces Milos Raonic in the final tomorrow.

“So we played I think a great match both of us. We were talking after in the locker room and I think both of us were happy the way we played, happy the way that we moved, and the way that we competed. We tried our best and I think the people enjoyed it. We played great points and for me it’s important to start with a victory, tomorrow I have a chance to play again and I’m excited about it.”

A lot of players on the tour recently got married. Is there pressure on Nadal of being the next?

“No… I have enough personality to do it when I feel ready for it. But it’s not only about me, it’s about two persons. My girlfriend and I have been together for the last 11 years. Wedding is not very important for us today and we are happy the way it is at the moment,” he told and smiled satisfied.

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  1. Rafas personal life is private,its non of anyones business.
    As for his playing ,its on the up and Rafa should do well this coming season.
    Good luck Rafa, you deserve to be be on top with your extraordinary talent.

  2. She would marry him in a heartbeat if he asked her I wouldn’t mind betting …its him that’s not ready for commitment …he should have sowed some wild oats he may regret not doing so when he’s older

  3. Rafael Nadal is my boy, he’s been my favorite tennis players for years now. I have hung in there thru thick and thin with him and I am so happy that he has found the fight again! He’s such a Champion! Best of Luck tomorrow against Milos, keep him running!

    To comment about Rafa and Maria I think he’s entitled to his private life but unfortunately and I will speak for myself here……I know they are profoundly in love, 11 years is such a lifetime for them, they have been to many weddings these last years and my HOPE is that Rafa would get a beautiful ring on her finger at least to say yes we are engaged and we will marry some day. I know Spanish traditions are different in some respects. Perhaps they are secretly engaged and just keeping silent on it I dont know. I will hold out for Maria and a ring soon. xxxxx fingers 😀

    Have a wonderful 2016 Mr. Nadal! I can’t wait to see what awaits you this year! Julia

  4. I am one of your solid fans but I enjoy watching Ranic And I think like you and Federer he is a gentleman. Best of luck but you make your own luck. Play your best and that should do the trick.u

  5. Good luck to Rafa tomorrow against Raonic ,it will be a tough match but you can claim your first of many wins in 2016 .I will be keeping my fingers crossed

  6. I love these posts, but today I need to express a mild complaint. The headline of this post should be on the exciting match today against Ferrer. It is Rafa and Maria’s personal business on when and if they will marry. I am embarrassed by the personal questions Rafa and others are asked. It is none of our business.

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