Interview: Rafael Nadal excited to play Roger Federer again [VIDEO]

Rafael Nadal says his final match against Roger Federer will be exciting after winning his semi-final match at the Swiss Indoors on Saturday.

Video: ATP World Tour


  1. Great Thinker here again.

    Rafa Nadal vs Roger Federer is always a mouth-watering menu for every Tennis enthusiast, especially a fan who knows the history of this two adorable personalities very well. No where else in Sports can you find such a rivalry. Mohammed Ali vs George Foreman/Joe Frasier, Ben Johnson vs Carl Lewis…all these great rivalry don’t compare at all with Nadal – Federer.

    Nadal leads the Fedex H:H by 23:10 and it’s been 21/2 (two and a half) years since they played last at any finals (which ofcourse Nadal won). Before that they had met at AO semi-final which Nadal won in straight sets – and even with an injured Tennis hand!!!

    But, in accurately analysis and predicting today’s match, you have to look at what has happened in the two and a half years interval. Like someone said’ ”If you want a have a glimpse of the future, just look behind you” So, let’s look behind and see what changes have happened to both men during that interregnum:

    1. Roger – His game has improved as he added to his Coaching crew by getting Stefan Edberg on his side.He has grown to become No 2 in the world and now No 2. He met Novak 2ce in grand slam finals and lost, but defeated Novak in an ATP 1000event. He invented the S.A.B.R (Sneak Attack By Roger) which he has used effectively to win recently. His best surface is Indoors fast hard courts and has won Basel 7 times. Although he has not been so terribly sharp in this tournament, but then everybody comes alive when the opponent is a Nadal!

    2. Nadal – His game has deteriorated badly in the interval, since winning FO for a record 9th time.In the interval, he won only against Novak once and on clay. He has not added to his Coaching crew, but has slowly been regaining his confidence, especially at the latter part of 2015. He has not won anything this year beyond an ATP 250 event (clay and grass). Hard court indoors is his least favorite surface and he’s playing in Basel final for the 1st time ever!

    Our Prediction:
    Roger needs to win this match badly and could not have prayed for a better opponent than Nadal. Also, to his advantage the match is at his hometown where he’s reverred as a demi-god. The pressure and crowd support are clearly Roger’s, but this is a match of confidence and it will all boil down to confidence and mental strength at the end of the day.But Nadal’s confidence and mental strength have grown superbly recently and may just finally peak today. Also, Nadal can draw more strength from the H:H where he has beaten Roger 23 out of 33 times (though 11: 8 on hardcourt). Roger will be playing (or overplaying)with so much aggressiveness and hatred because Rafa Nadal is his only dark spot on his claim to the GOAT title. And this will be his archilles’ heel. Another factor in Nadal’s favor is that, hardly does an old-timer (whose game Nadal knows too well) beat Nadal. Hence, this explains the fact that new comers (the Nick Kyrgios, Bona Corics, Dustin Browns)have a greater chance to beat Nadal than old timers.

    Consequently, our professional and unbiased prediction is Nadai in 2 tight sets: 6-4, 7-6

  2. Congratulations on reaching the final. Good luck my BELOVED champ RAFA.

    Always cheering for you.

  3. All the best for the final against Roger! It will be epic! Whatever the outcome tomorrow you are progressing at an exhilarating rate and is all part of the bigger plan for 2016. Your confidence is returning and it would be amazing to see you bite that throphy tomorrow! You can do this our Champ! Vamos Rafa!

  4. Great interview….& Great beard ! : ) KEEP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : )
    & YES, it will be a great match for you!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) very very happy for you dear Rafa & your Amazing TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : )

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