Rafael Nadal For Tommy Hilfiger Fragrance — See His New Sexy Campaign

Tommy Hilfiger and Rafael Nadal present TH Bold, a new signature scent for men who were born to be bold.

Strong and sporty, TH Bold is made for the rebel who plays to win.

TH Bold celebrates the Tommy Hilfiger spirit of determination and confidence –a uniquely powerful blend. With a fusion of crisp citrus, herbal and spicy notes, the masculine fragrance speaks to the modern man who’s intensely passionate and has a desire to live boldly.


  1. Watching these ads of Rafa’s for Tommy Hilfiger makes me wonder what they are doing to my 82 year old heart. My dr says my heart is healthy but she doesn’t know about my Rafa watching!!
    What a man. !!

  2. I know I’m a big Rafa fan already, but these ads are the hottest thing I’ve ever seen, and I’m very old – relatively. Have to ask a non- biased person. Sexiest man alive, better than any professional model? Oh, yesssss.
    I’m sure he’s not trying to distract us from the tennis results, though it is working. Given a choice of these ads or winning the U.S. Open, I think I’d choose the Open, wouldn’t I?? Vamos!

  3. I tried it today at Macy’s and loved it. It is very citric. I think I am going to use myself! It can be Unisex! I don’t like sweet fragrances so this one is perfect for me and I am a woman and very feminine!!

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