Wimbledon 2015: Rafael Nadal practices ahead of his second round match against Dustin Brown

Two-time Wimbledon title-holder and No.10 seed Rafael Nadal warms up for his second-round match against Dustin Brown.

Video: Wimbledon


  1. Rafa practicing in this video like 6 feet behind baseline. I’m a huge fan of Rafa but this will not work on grass. Rafa must serve great and volley better, play close to baseline.

  2. To all the people who offended me and other commentators for seeing already in R1 that Rafa was off ONCE AGAIN. Are you frigging’ watching? Do you see how he is throwing this game away, stressed again like there is no tomorrow? Suuuuure, Rafa is back. He is back out of Wimbledon early, once again.

  3. Ola dear Rafa…… vamos & so happy for you!!!!! : ) Your tennis is so solid & beautiful & your long experience is powerful!!!!!: ) ci….ci…. very special tennis wisdom you have and you have amazing endurance….and speedy movement…..making your returns creative & strong!!!! VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) Will be a wonderful opportunity for you to completely ignore opponent joker like silly behavior on the court & keep your blessed focus on your own beautiful powerful game!!!! : ) : ) Have lots & lots of fun…this is just another match …: ) VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : )

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