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Drasanvi: Gana una camiseta firmada por Rafa Nadal


On a warm Tuesday at the All England Club, two-time Wimbledon champion Rafael Nadal got off to a roaring start, defeating Thomaz Bellucci 6-4, 6-2, 6-4. The No. 10 seed hit 21 winners and saved four of the six break points he faced in the two hour, 10-minute match. “I think I played okay; played well, played solid,” said Nadal. “I am a little bit more confident now than I was few months ago. [It’s] just day by day for me. Obviously victories help.”

“I am a little bit more confident than I was a few months ago,” Nadal said. “For the first three-and-a-half months of the season I was playing bad. I lost more matches than usual that I should have won. But the last two months I have been more consistent, more solid in general, and that’s something I am pleased with.

Here the feeling in Wimbledon is so special, and playing on grass, too,” Nadal said. ”So always is very emotional when you hit some good shots in this beautiful club.”

“In Australia it can be worse,” said two-time Wimbledon champion Nadal. “It’s actually beautiful. When you have this weather in Wimbledon, it’s probably one of the best places in the world.

Nadal is healthy and fresh at this Wimbledon, which hasn’t always been the case. It was obvious in the way he moved. That’s a great sign for him, especially for a player whose health has always come into question.

Nadal said he was happy with his first round but rued a few dicey service games that saw him have to face down six break points (he saved four). He also said he needs to be more aggressive with his forehand as the tournament progresses.

I think he is not the top favourite here. I think the top favourites are Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray,” Toni told Sport360 after Rafa finished an intense practice session with Roberto Bautista Agut. “But after these three, I think Rafael can be one of the… I don’t know… with Wawrinka, with Berdych, with Kyrgios… he can have the possibility but not the most possibility.”

‘I think they are two different players, two different characters,’ Djokovic said. ‘Both are extremely successful, really impressive as champions on and off the court in their own way. ‘Roger has always taken care of his body and the scheduling. Obviously technically, he’s probably the best player in the world. ‘When he plays, it looks so easy, it looks so flawless.’ … ‘And Rafa on the other side, he’s somebody that spends a lot of hours on the court. ‘He really loves to practise for two, three hours in a row. He is just somebody that has a hard working ethic. It really pays off.

“I used to practise with Rafa all the time. I haven’t practised with him so much lately because I was obviously injured for a while and then he was injured for a bit. It is also good a few days before a major event starts to almost test yourself against one of the best players in the world because they will exploit things that you are not doing well.”

LONDON, ENGLAND - JUNE 30:  Rafael Nadal of Spain reacts after winning his Gentlemens Singles first round match against Thomaz Bellucci of Brazil during day two of the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club on June 30, 2015 in London, England.  (Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images)
Julian Finney/Getty Images

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  1. Can’t wait to see you play tomorrow Rafa. You are a great draw card. The standing ovation said it all. Love the video of soccer game with cousins. So natural. God bless you Rafa. Love your Aussie Abuela. 😀😄


  3. Congrats to my beloved Rafa. Keep it going to the end; I’m cheering loudly for you.

    Novak should shut his trap !!! What’s up with these Djokovics? First his father mouth-off on Rafa, and now he is throwing subtle jabs !!!

    Novak could never have the quality (nor quantity) of support that Rafa has. Rafa is a beautiful person; can’t say the same for many more tennis players, and that includes Novak.

  4. Also Tim Henman went on and on and on about Rafa taking 26 secs between points, He actually did not as I timed him everytime and it only happened once. I like Tim but I do not think he ever won a grand slam, so he should reign his mouth in when he is talking about a 14 grand slam athlete and an Olympic gold medallist, They are so focused on Murray winning they want to exclude Nadal anyway possible

  5. I never get tired of watching Rafa as he gives his very best all of the time and he, himself is his harshest critic as it shows immediately when he misses or overcooks a shot then doubles his effort for the next shot. So I am getting tired of the BBC commentators who appear to nitpick from the outset with negative remarks of how he used to be etc etc. So I often put the mute on so I cannot be disturbed by their inane remarks.

    Good luck on Thursday Rafa!!!!

  6. Ugh, I get annoyed with the sentiment behind Djokovic’s backhanded compliment ie. Federer is pure talent but Nadal is merely someone who works hard. It negates both Federer’s work ethic (which is top notch) & Nadal’s talent (which is unique & rarely appreciated). It’s a sly dig at Rafa I believe because most people revere talent more than effort. I think Djokovic does this because he feels entitled to the level of fan support that Rafa receives (he gets plenty himself but not as much, nor is he as famous). He’s always struggled to be gracious.

  7. Totally agree Elizabeth …I was watching the match when the bbc switched to a diff court ..very frustrating..the main thing is he won

  8. First day out can be nervy but Rafael won. Only settling down to watch recording or part of it that BBC showed. When a British player appears, the BBC forgets about others. Frustrating as I pay a hefty amount to get BBC here in Ireland. Does the BBC not realise that Rafael is tennis to millions!

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