WATCH: Rafael Nadal’s Top 5 Roland Garros Matches

Roland Garros chose five matches among the best ones played by Rafael Nadal in Paris. A subjective choice as the list is pretty endless! Discover this top 5 of glorious’ Spanish moments!

Video: Roland Garros


  1. Decepcionada certo pero Monte Carlo era bello. Buena suerta para el proximo. El color narajana es chulo pero l’amarillo sigue llevandolo. Son los colores para un nino del Mediterraneo. Fiona en Paris.

  2. Great shots and good to see,them again. Rafa looks quite a rebel with his long shorts and long hair in the earlier games. I’d forgotten how he used to look!

  3. Watching Rafa now and he has just taken the first set 7-6 come on you can do this x

  4. Come on Rafa.💖 playing well against Isner. Let the confidence flow. U will win.

  5. Thanks for the video, it’s so sensational and inspirational, Rafa was so young then but already demonstrated champion quality,such a delight to watch Rafa’s matches!!!

  6. Great video. There are a lot of memories. Hopefully Rafa is able to win the 10th title in Paris this year. Vamos Rafa!

  7. I just can’t believe how Rafa was able to play so freely with those long shorts.

    I can see why he is such a creature of the clay. It does seem more fun to play than on
    the hard courts because you can slide around. I must say he played fearlessly and with
    every intention to win every single point! Bravo, Rafa!

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