PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal promotes Spanish food to international markets

As you already know, Rafael Nadal has joined forces with the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment. Together, they are promoting Spanish food to international markets, namely wine, olive oil, olives and Iberian ham. Here are the promotional posters.

In case you missed it: Click here to see the campaign video.



  1. Love those photos of Rafa. Rafa looks clean, bright and handsome. He is the best ambassador to represent Spanish. Another good one will be dental products as Rafa has a set of perfect teeth…..

  2. Yes, Rafa should stop playing poker. Gambling activities including poker are evil devices/creation of Satan to promote human suffering and bondage. Since he started playing poker, he has been having a series of bad luck – injuries upon injuries, resulting into his current poor performance.
    Gambling is evil hencce the reason that Jesus Christ drove out gamblers and the like from the Jerusalem Temple.

    A word is enough for the wise.

  3. Proud of Rafa promoting a food company from his country. I like everything he does except promoting for Poker. I wish he stops it. It does not suit his character at all. Gambling has ruined many families. Vamos Rafa. Look forward to your shine in clay courts.

  4. Rafa looks so handsome in these photos it’s a little hard to focus on the foods, but not to worry. I always buy Spanish foods when possible. No more Italian olive oil, it’s Spanish olive oil for me (Trader Joes).

  5. Very nice photos!!! : ) The display & foods look beautiful…..especially w the gorgeous fields in the background…. Excellent for Spanish Food products & for Spain ….. Rafa is a great person…such a decent human being….and it is nice to see him on different promotions ….an awesome representative….VAMOS!!!! : )

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