Rafa Roundup: Nadal Apologizes to Gala León; Says He Was Taken Out of Context

)Rafael Nadal's birthday message to Stan Wawrinka) Photo via Corinne Dubreuil
Rafael Nadal’s birthday message to Stan Wawrinka (Photo via Corinne Dubreuil)


“In general, I think I played a solid match,” he said after braving extreme wind gusts. “I played well. I had good movement. I had to put the balls in and play with no mistakes; that was the idea today with very tough conditions. Almagro was not an easy opponent for the first round. I am happy for that.”

Nadal twisted his left ankle during practice Monday. While it wasn’t deemed a serious injury by trainers, Nadal said the next day that it was painful and he wasn’t sure the impact it might have on his play. Friday, he said his ankle had improved “50 percent” and that it didn’t limit his movement against Almagro.

Even in calm conditions, Nadal can be a beast of an opponent, but the combination of his twisting topspin and the whipping wind left Almagro looking tormented as Nadal cruised to his 11th victory in 12 meetings with his compatriot.

David Beckham via Facebook: Great to see Rafa Nadal in Miami.
David Beckham via Facebook: Great to see Rafa Nadal in Miami.

Si había alguna duda de cómo iba a reaccionar tras el contratiempo del pasado lunes con su tobillo izquierdo, Nadal responde desde la velocidad y el dinamismo, rapidísimo, con apoyos sólidos y sprints que desdibujan progresivamente a Almagro. Piernas, piernas y más piernas por parte del balear.

Rafael Nadal has issued an apology to Spain’s Davis Cup captain, Gala León, in relation to remarks he made last week at Indian Wells, which he claims were “completely misconstrued” by the media. “I felt bad; in fact I felt I had to send her a message. It annoys me to have to send someone an apologetic message when I spoke to her three days earlier at Indian Wells. That’s why I’m not going to make any more comments“, Nadal said after winning his opener in Miami on Friday.

Rafael Nadal se disculpó con la capitana española de Copa Davis, Gala León, tras unas declaraciones la pasada semana en el torneo de tenis de Indian Wells que, aseguró, fueron interpretadas “totalmente al revés”. “Me sentí mal, de hecho tuve que mandarle un mensaje. Me disgusta tener que mandarle un mensaje pidiendo disculpas a alguien cuando he hablado tres días antes con ella en Indian Wells. Por eso no voy a hacer más declaraciones”, dijo Nadal el viernes tras estrenarse con triunfo en el torneo de Miami al vencer a su compatriota Nicolás Almagro.

“During my career I had more success in Indian Wells than here. I think I won three times, played another final, and couple of semifinals. Indian Wells has been a tournament that worked better historically for my game. I think the bounces are higher. But here I played four finals, another quarterfinals. “I cannot say a tournament that I don’t like. I like here. I like the conditions. There is some days that can be very humid and hard for the body, but in general they are the conditions I like to play tennis. Sea level, hot, no—no problem.”




Screenshot: CNN
Screenshot: CNN


  1. I had not heard about the negative comments supposedly made by Rafa. Happily, his comment regarding this particular situation reveal that what he HAD said was misconstrued by the media. Rafa HAS apologized for the misunderstanding and that should be the end of it. Anyone who has followed Rafael Nadal throughout his career knows he is not capable of insulting or degrading anyone. Let’s get on to what Rafa is all about, especially at this moment: his tennis at the Miami Open. VAMOS RAFA!!!

  2. i am pleased he apologised i was fairly appalled by his comments. he is a bigger man than that. he is my favourite all time tennis player (bar steffi) and i’d hope i’d not made such a huge mistake.

  3. I ask how did the media get it so wrong re Rafael’s comments. Frankly I was taken aback when I read the comments attributed to him. He is so aware and balanced in his comments and such an ambassador for Spain and tennis and unlikely to make wrong comments.It is unfortunate for all. Spain need to get back to top group so harmony and unity are important.

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