Crazy in love, Rafael Nadal and girlfriend Maria Francisca Perello – Happy Valentine’s Day!

It’s Valentine’s Day, a day to celebrate love, and today we take a look back at the love between Rafael Nadal and his beloved Mary.

Rafa has grown from a tennis player to a tennis legend, and his admirers have grown in legions, but the two only seem to have eyes for each other. Beautiful Maria can be seen supporting Rafa at various tournaments around the world (except the Australian Open, because it’s too far 🙂 but we’re sure she’s with him in spirit).

May they always be in love, and may their love grow with each day.

And to all of you, a very Happy Valentines Day!


  1. I think I saw Maria in Australia where he played vs Federer. Maybe I am wrong. Let me know. Have a Wonderful torneo in Acapulco. You are my favorite.

  2. I forgot to wish Rafa and Maria Happy Valentines Day ! May their love continue to be stronger Than ever they are so beautiful together,great role models to young children and you can see the love in these two. My favourite player Rafa and his beautiful caring girlfriend.

  3. It is so lovely to see Rafa and Maria together, I do wish they would announce their Engagement soon ,But I guess they have their own thought s on that She would look lovely in a Wedding Gown with a white Mantilla.I adore Both of them Happy Valentines Day to Rafa and Maria

  4. Maria is every bit as beautiful as Rafa is talented! Happy Valentines, Happy Birthday and Happy 2014!

  5. Warms the heart, two beautiful young people, much happiness always, continue taking care of each other!!!!!

  6. I Love these photos of Rafa & Maria they show the Love. Happy Valentines Day you 2 and Vamoooooooooooooooooose Rafa!

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