VIDEO: Rafael Nadal starts practicing on clay for Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires

After his quarterfinal loss at the Australian Open, Rafael Nadal is back home working hard on court – the clay court, that is! His next tour stops are in Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires. The sun may be shining in Mallorca, but it’s not as warm as it might seem.

 Video: IB3


  1. Enhorabuena por la vuelta en Australia. A seguir hasta a Roland Garros. Vivo en Paris y este ano quiero ir a la semifinal. Sigo con los estudios de espanol.

  2. I think there are a lot of distractions for Rafa. Training sessions should be done ‘privately’ without the press or fans around, so that Rafa and his team can better concentrate, prepare and strategise. I believe this is how Novak does his thing.
    Also, Rafa should put a stop to Poker games and other unnecessary activitiee. Apart from rustiness due to injuries and surgeries, it’s obvious that Rafa seriously needs to retool his game. He could get an additional coach (maybe Pete Sampras/Carlos Moya) to beef up his team. I’m saying this because I want him to win the 3 remaining grand slams – which I firmly know that he can do. It won’t be easy, BUT GOOD, OLD RAFA CAN DO IT! Yes, he can!!!

    • I have tried… but I couldn’t come up with anything that made sense… it is not Spanish, but his “Manacori” language…:(

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