2014 Rafael Nadal Fans Awards: What was your favorite on court outfit?

Doha, Qatar / Australian Open / Rio de Janeiro

Indian Wells / Miami

Monte Carlo / Barcelona / Madrid / Rome

Roland Garros / Halle


Beijing / Shanghai / Basel


  1. AVREI VOTATO PER TUTTI I TORNEI,,,,,,,,,,,Ti auguro un 2015 favoloso, come ti meriti! Ti voglio bene buon Anno anche alla tua meravigliosa famigli e al tuo staff!!!!!!

  2. Rafa looks great in all colours and outfits. He looks particularly posh in white with his skin tone. No players in the tennis circuit has had his flair in colours and outfits for sure. Love you Rafa, the best of 2015, just can’t wait!!

  3. Rafa, bien sabes en esta bendita Tierra Canaria te consideramos único, se me han agotado los mejores calificativos y ahora tocan los augurios para 2015 que consigas cuánto te propongas en tanto seguiremos disfrutando de tu gran maestría. Un fuerte abrazo con buena Entrada&Salida del Año Nuevo. C. Javier.

  4. I cant see past bright colours on Rafa the vived bright colours compliment the Champions skin and excel his vived personality coupled with his best on court style & flair , not forgetting his tennis ablilities &athleticism which has one in awe of Rafa,so to hear that his wearing Hot pink in 2015 thrills me with anticipation. vamos.

  5. Love Rafa in pastel colours, with matching tennis shoes. Looking forward to 2015 Nike’s pink outfits for him and Rodger! He is defnitely on an of the court a stunning dresser!

  6. I prefer it when he wears bright colours, theynsuit his hair and skin tone, but bring back the pirate look eith the biceps, so sexy in any colour

  7. Rafa looks good in ALL HIS OUTFITS ,,,,,but for me ,my favourite two are ,his sleeveless top,when he wore ALL WHITE ,when he won at Wimbledon,

  8. I love Rafa’s outfits and color combinations. Best among the men’s tennis players and
    also the women’s tennis players. He not only captures our attention with his athleticism
    and skills’ set but also his amazing on-court style and flair! Looking forward to the hot pink
    in 2015. Nobody will wear it better!

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