Rafael Nadal makes People’s Sexiest Man Alive list

While “Thor” actor Chris Hemsworth has won the title of People’s Sexiest Man Alive, Rafael Nadal also has been listed among the magazine’s annual list of hunky guys.

To be honest, we are not surprised at all to see Rafa’s name on the list of the hottest guys from Spain because we know our champ is not only good looking, but also one of the most humble, down-to-earth, and classiest men.


  1. I am such a Rafa fan. He is definitely sexy; that body and those adorable dimples that show when he flashes that smile. Even though he is gorgeous, it is personality that makes him so lovable. He seems to be a warm-hearted person, who always shows respect to everyone. He is gracious, humble, and down to earth. Having these characteristics on top of being so handsome; he deserves to be on the list every year.

  2. Oh yay Rafa finally the world sees what us dedicated Rafa fans have known for ever – yep, Sexy Rafa and your condolences for our fallen cricket player only gains you such respect Awesome Always

  3. Rafael is miles ahead of the others, many of whom are ” cosmetically” enhanced! Rafael has it all, looks, charm, personality, grounded, intelligent and the most wonderful smile. He is our Number One so what the heck! The others do not rate.

  4. God’s perfect creation of a beautiful and humble human being. With every thing perfect👍👍👍. Head to toe. God bless his parents . Loòooooooooooooove Rafa💝💝💝💟💟💟💖

  5. My vote? Rafa 1st, Rafa 2nd, Rafa 3rd,….and so on FOREVER!!! I love our guy, there is no one like him!!!

  6. So then people next year let’s all with one voice vote for him to be the fan favorite of the year. If all is twitter and facebook followers vote for sure he will win. Let’s just do it for the nicest guy in all of spots.AMEN

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