Rafael Nadal visits doctor Angel Ruiz Cotorro in Barcelona

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Rafael Nadal is recovering satisfactorily from appendicitis and will continue a course of antibiotics in a bid to be fit for the remainder of the 2014 season, the world number two’s spokesman said on Thursday.

In medical terms his development is satisfactory and he is not currently showing any symptoms. The (antibiotics) treatment will continue for 4-5 days and depending on his recovery the necessary decisions will be taken on further treatment.

Rafa said after his Shanghai exit he was planning to play the indoor hard court tournament in Basel later this month as well as the Paris Masters and the season-ending ATP Tour Finals in London. Our champ will then have surgery to remove his appendix and hope to be back in time for the beginning of the 2015 season.

Source: Reuters


  1. Laparoscopic appendectomy is an outpatient procedure. Gone were the days when the surgeon will open you up to remove your appendix. Now they do it laparoscopically The incision is tiny. The recovery is quick especially Nadal is a healthy young man. I will not take the risk of taking antibiotic treatment because this will not cure the appendix. It still needs to come out. Nadal, do the surgery now. Your health is more important. That appendix will become gangrenous & the more complications will develop.

  2. The 2014 ATP World Tour Finals takes place from November 9-16. The 2015 Australian Open takes place from January 19-February 1. That’s 64 days(9 weeks) between the 2 events. The typical appendectomy – if not ruptured – requires 4-6 weeks for a full recovery, according to the medical websites that I perused. So, if Rafa has the surgery on November 17th and fully recovers in 6 weeks, that gives him ONLY 3 WEEKS to prepare for the Open after 6 weeks of very little physical activity and zero tennis activity. NO CAN DO! Rafa should reconsider his decision and have the surgery IMMEDIATELY. Putting it off until mid-November is a nonstarter if he intends to be fully ready for the Aussie Open. Have the surgery NOW, Rafa. Have it NOW. VAMOS!!!

    • Like Mitch I agree,having had this a few years ago and having keyhole surgery it was about 6-8 weeks before the pain from the operation subsided,there are two wounds to heal plus in my case muscle wounds as well,even now I am aware of a weakness there in the muscles.
      I was a singer in a band at the time and couldn’t even sing without pain for a month,for the rest of the time I held my hand over the wound to support the the area when I did eventually start singing again.
      Tennis is a much more demanding activity, so I feel it would be unwise to play seriously for some time after the op,so the sooner the better Rafa has the op, then he doesn’t have to worry about it.
      The only plus side is Rafa is very fit and he should recover more quickly than I did,everyones different,perhaps there are new techniques for faster healing now.
      Pumping Anti Biotics into the body is best avoided if possible as some strains of bacteria are becoming immune to them, future problems may occour in other aspects of body function too,also AB will not cure the problem,just mask it.

  3. Short term gain is just not worth it. Please don’t take chances. Have operation now, have peace of mind and enough time for full recovery. The thought that it might rupture without warning is so scary besides anti-biotic, the less the better for the body in the long run.

  4. appendicitis can flair up as it did in my case, in two days from normal,I had to have it out immediately.
    Take care, dont take chances Rafa.

  5. Have the operation, you will recover quickly & be fit in no time but now you are weak and won’t be playing at your upmost abilitiy.

  6. RAFA, Get healty first and remove your apendix NOW…we want at least our RG(decima) and Australian or Us open in 2015…Vamos campeon !

  7. I still think Rafa should have the surgery and get it over and down with he,ll leave it too short a time for recoveryand We want to see him down here in Australia for the Australian Open, because it won,t be the same without him

  8. I find it a bit disrespectful that people think they know better than Rafa and his doctors. As an aside, does anyone remember Pat Cash, who reached the QFs of Wimbledon, 3 weeks after an appendix operation?

    • How stupid are you! Do you want Rafa to die? His appendix could rupture on the court. He needs the operation. Disrespectful? We, who love him and want him to return to full speed, know that he has to have the operation.

  9. Health is so important.Without it you have nothing.Appendicitis can so easily rupture then you have a big problem.

  10. Sorry, but I don’t understand his decision.. An operation after this season and it’s very difficult to prepare for the new season..all the best Rafa. Love you

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