PHOTOS: Appendicitis-suffering Rafael Nadal loses to Feliciano Lopez in Shanghai

Rafael Nadal, who has been diagnosed with appendicitis which will require surgery, was beaten 6-3, 7-6(6) by fellow Spaniard Feliciano Lopez in the second round of the Shanghai Rolex Masters.

Rafa revealed that he hopes to have the surgery to remove his appendix at the conclusion of the year. “My thoughts is continue with Basel, Paris and London. Is true that the past few months I did not have the best of luck. I didn’t have the best of luck since Wimbledon. I was playing a good year, very positive year. After that I was unlucky with the wrist, what’s going on now. Now there remains three more tournaments for me.”

Win or lose, always with Rafa!

Photos: REUTERS, Getty Images, AP Photo


  1. We all agree; get the surgery now. It is not a difficult basic recovery especially since you are fit! A rupture and infection is not a risk to take on. We’d rather see you healthy in 2015. Vamos!

  2. Do these comments ever reach Rafa? If so implore him to have an appendectomy STAT. He is far more important to us than ATP points or numerical order in the tennis world. We love him…..not his ATP points, numerical order in the tennis world or other ephemeral criteria . He has become more than a tennis “star” . He is a man of huge largesse , kindness and courage. To take risks with his health is unthinkable. Delay risks rupture and spread of infection. Jean Palmer. Retired RN.

  3. Yes, it was so hurtful to see you today, never mind take care of your health and may God bless you. You are a great champion. We will be always your fans. Vamos Rafa!!!!!!

  4. Rafa..please listen. I had a lot of tears in my eyes today. To se you with so much pain on the Court. Please do the operation now..After the operation you are not able to do sport for 4-6 weeks. How will you prepare for the new season wehen you do the operation after this season? All the best Champ..Rafa always and forever. Love you

  5. Hey Rafa no matter what the circumstances are you are the best young good looking and your health is number 1 so do your surgery and you would come back like a tiger you are our hero and we all love you. Get well

  6. Better to abandon the rest of tour. Take care of your health.and soon you’ll be back great fighter. Today the effect of antibiotics was clear on your pale face. Get rest and get well soon. We all love you.

  7. I use here the Holy language of the Bible to wish you prompt recovery and good health.
    To watch you on the court gives so much pleasure to so many people.
    It brings a feeling of “being together” to tennis lovers all over the world.
    Millions of fans wishing a genuine champion GOOD HEALTH is something wonderful.
    רפואה שלמה

  8. RAFA, Deus o ilumine e proteja sempre, cuide de sua saúde e volte triunfante como sempre ..VAMOS RAFA…sempre!!

  9. Get well sooòooooooon Rafa, have bought your book Rafa My Story. Hope to see you in the next tournament only if health permits, is and will always be a true diehard fan of yours.

  10. Losing to Lopez who he always defeats anyway might just be a blessing in disguise for Rafa!
    Now he can go home and take care of his health issue which is more important. He is
    already a shoo-in for London. I have to say he played well considering his appendicitis
    and being on antibiotics. The “fight” in him never diminishes no matter what the circumstances. Best wishes and get well soon, Rafa! You’ll be back before you know it
    with all your passion!

  11. Never mind Rafa you are and will always be the best. No one better than you. Always wait with great anticipation to see you, play. But today I couldn’t see you, suffer. Get well soon. Love you Rafa.

  12. Rafa, everything happens for the best. Today’s loss will be tomorrow’s win. Please take care of your physical well-being first and then tackle the tennis courts with your never-failing vigor and focus!!!! VAMOS RAFA!!! Your ever-patient and everlasting fan!!!

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