Interview with Rafael Nadal – Shanghai, October 7, 2014


THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  Give us the news.  How are you feeling and are you going to play?
RAFAEL NADAL:  Yes, well, I’m feeling a little bit better.  That’s why I’m here.  I had tough three days since I arrived here.  My thoughts now is I going to try to play tomorrow, yes.  I have to wait about how my night goes, how I wake up tomorrow morning.
It’s almost 24 hours, so I have this time.  I hope to keep improving little bit because I need.  Hope going to be like this.
But anyway, is not ideal situation to prepare a tournament.

Q.  But if it was today, you would not have been able to play?
RAFAEL NADAL:  No.  If I have to play, not.  I didn’t go out from my room for the last two, three days.  Just to go to hospital, that’s it.  Nothing to do when you have something like I had.  So just bad luck and accept, do the right things to recover.

Q.  Can you tell us specifically what the problem was?  Was it stomach related?  A virus?

RAFAEL NADAL:  No, it was inflammation of appendix.  I went to hospital.  I arrived here Saturday night, I think.  That night I start to feel lot of pain on the stomach.  I didn’t sleep during the whole night.  So I wake up tomorrow morning.  The doctor came to my room to see how I am.  The doctor told me is better if I visited the hospital to do some test.
The hospital told me was a beginning of appendicitis.  So they were not very positive, but at the same time they told me the possibility to go for surgery immediately or just try to do a little bit aggressive antibiotic treatment to try to reduce that.  They told me that sometimes that can work and we can avoid the surgery.
That’s what I did.  I was in the hospital on Sunday.  Yesterday the nurse came to my room to put me again the treatment.  Today I was in the hospital in the morning again.  I did again the antibiotic.  Seems like everything is under control now.
The normal thing is continue the evolution, the improvement.  I don’t going to go for surgery.  That’s a great news for me today.  That’s why I’m here practicing for 45 minutes and try to be playing tomorrow.
But obviously I am not in my best conditions.

Q.  Appendicitis sounds quite serious.  Have you been assured by your doctors that you’re okay to compete, that nothing will happen if you compete?
RAFAEL NADAL:  No, they were negative few days ago.  Today they were more positive.  They told me that after 72 hours, more or less, around 60 hours happened since I started the pain, the risk of going worse, when every day was little bit better, is always very, very low.  Always can happen, but is very, very low.
Obviously with antibiotics, after what happened, they tell me there is no risk on that.  So is my decision.  They told me obviously it’s not the ideal thing and just take care.  But I want to try, and that’s it.

Q.  You hit for 45 minutes.  How did you feel on the court?
RAFAEL NADAL:  Well, is normal when you spend in bed two days completely, then today in the morning I did one thing early in the morning, but then I came back to my room to rest, then to hospital.  When you spend more than 48 hours just on the bed, obviously the feelings are not the best.
At the end the positive thing is I am feeling better today than yesterday.  Yesterday I felt a little bit better than before yesterday.  I hope tomorrow feel better than today.  That’s why I want to try.
I am in Shanghai.  I am here to play a tournament.  If there is no risk for getting worst, is the same lose that if you don’t play.  If I don’t play, I don’t have the possibility to win.  So that’s it.

Q.  There is usually a lot of pain associated with appendicitis.  Do you feel any pain right now?
RAFAEL NADAL:  A little bit.  But, as I said, is going down.  Every day was little bit better.
The positive thing is we take that very, very early, just at the beginning.  That’s why with the antibiotics treatment we were lucky we avoid that.  Always having surgery outside of home is not the ideal thing.  Very uncomfortable.

Q.  How frustrating is this after coming back after two months with the wrist injury, and two tournaments later you have the problem with the appendicitis?  Are you feeling frustrated?
RAFAEL NADAL:  No, that’s an accident.  No, no, no.

Q.  Or unlucky?
RAFAEL NADAL:  Yes, was unlucky.  But that’s part of life, no?  Everybody have appendicitis around the world.  Not everybody, but a lot of people.  Happened to me the last couple of days.  At the end wasn’t lucky, but at the same time was lucky.
That’s part of the game.  Always the comebacks are tough.  Is another story than tennis and the comeback.  But always when you are coming back from an injury, spend three months without competition, playing on hard court at the beginning for me in a very tough tournaments, always are difficult to have the right feelings.
But that’s part of the game.  That’s part of the normal process.  As I said in Beijing in the beginning of the tournament, I don’t expect nothing from these two tournaments.  I expect just to come here and play again and practice and feel a little bit again the competition, try to get in rhythm as soon as possible.
It’s obvious that is not the ideal thing, these tournaments, to be in rhythm.  Is completely different when you get injury at the end of the season and you start at the beginning of the new season that everybody start from zero, than when you have the injury in the middle of the season, and the rest of the players are still in rhythm.  You need to recover.  You need to play matches to be fit and to be confident.
Always is a process that I don’t know if we have enough tournaments and the right ones to be on rhythm before the end of the season, but I going to try.

Q.  I’m not a doctor, but normally in this sort of situation there has to be surgery sooner or later.  You said in Beijing this maybe isn’t your happiest time of the season.  Would it make more sense to have the surgery as soon as you go back to Mallorca and maybe miss the rest of the indoor season and be right for Australia?
RAFAEL NADAL:  I have to talk with my doctors when I get back home.  Is true that the doctor here told me that one or another moment I have to take out that.  Because when you have one time, the normal thing is that going to come back.  Appendix is something, to not have risk to have that happen again, for example, in Australia, that sooner or later I have to take out.
My idea is take it out, but you can imagine that I didn’t thought much about that yet.  I am here in Shanghai, no?  I just want to try.  Then when I come back home, I will see the situation with my doctor.  Let’s talk about what’s going on, and we’ll see.

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  1. Never good to see a match not go your way. This condition is serious. Take care of yourself

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