ATP List: Rafael Nadal in danger of losing No. 2 ranking to Roger Federer

The last Grand Slam of the season starts today, but we are not excited as usual because defending US Open champ won’t be able to defend his title due to a wrist injury.

Since Rafa is not able to play in New York City, Roger Federer has a great chance to gain points – if Roger wins the title, he will officially usurp Rafa as the No. 2 player in the world.

ATP top 10 as of August 25:

ATP Rankings: August 25, 2014
ATP Rankings: August 25, 2014

In the Race to London Rafa is still behind Djokovic like he was last week.


  1. Rafa’s remaining career goals should be: 1 – Win the Aussie Open one more time to complete his second career slam, making him the ONLY male player in the Open Era(since 1968) to do so; 2 – Win Wimbledon one more time to complete the “triple-triple” – winning 3 slams on each of the 3 different surfaces, making him the ONLY male player ever to do so; 3 – Win the 2016 Olympic gold medal in Rio, making him the ONLY male player in history to win 2 gold medals in singles; 4 – Win the year-end championships for the first time, thereby erasing the ONLY hole in his resume`; 5 – Surpass Federer’s 17 slam titles to be regarded as the undisputed and ONLY “GOAT”(although most of Rafa’s peers already regard him as such). VAMOS!!!

  2. The ranking is totally irrelevant at this stage. As long as you’re in the top 4, you get OK draws. But Rafa should focus on being fit and getting to #17 or #18 instead of being so tense that he injures himself time and again. He’s throwing away chances of re-writing tennis history.

  3. Listen points at this stage not important . Rafael’s return fit and healthy is the priority . To quote Serena Williams a couple of years ago. ” we all know who the real number one is” . US Open so dull without him

  4. Didn’t Rafa finish 2012 at #4 due to being out 7 months for knee injury? Then he returned
    and had that astonishing 2013 year winning 10 titles including 2 GS’s regaining the #1 ranking?. The ranking is irrelevant. It is more important that Rafa stay healthy and play with that glorious killer instinct of his; flair and spirit. Of course, I look forward to his return but only if he is fully recovered at 100%. Although I do admire Federer, he is 5 years older than Rafa. I don’t blame him for trying to capitalize on every opportunity when Rafa is not in the draw. Hoping to see Rafa play in the Asian swing!

  5. that’s not to worry about what Rafa. needs to do is heal then he will start gaining momentum to reach the top again. Vamoooooooooooooos Rafa!

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