VIDEO: Rafael Nadal Nominated for ALS Ice Bucket Challenge by Ben Stiller

Rafael Nadal was called to take part in the ice bucket challenge by American actor, Ben Stiller. If he agrees to take part in the challenge he will join many celebrities who have already volunteered to throw buckets of ice cold water over themselves in aid of charity.

Will Rafa accept Ben’s Ice Bucket Challenge nomination? Let us know!


  1. Rafa always takes a cold shower before every match he played so I’m positive he will take the challenge from Ben Stiller and he can nominate Roger Federer next !

  2. Of course Rafa will accept the challenge from Ben Stiller,who accepted the challenge from Rafa to play tennis with him. Good fun for a great cause.Vamos Rafa.😄

  3. As far from the distance of our Canaries, I know our Leader, I think If it´s an important Charity- Action, our Rafa will be taking part&parcel, in case He got better, He is always great in such situations. C. Javier

  4. I think Rafa will accept Ben Stiller’s the ice bucket challenge for ALS. I just wonder who Rafa will nominate: Perhaps his Uncle Toni or maybe one of his buddies who he played Poker pool dunk with? That will be a really fun way to cool them off!

    Vamos Rafa!

    • That is the best question. Of course he will do it but who will he nominate? Would love to see that jerk Rocha or whatever his name is dunked, but on second thought, don’t want to give him a spotlight or a microphone. Maybe Cristiano Rinaldo, Andy Murray ( Rafa and he have have been known to prank each other), and Novak would accept as well.

  5. I do believe Rafa. will except the ice bucket challenge he is a really humble sweet guy and very kind. he is my Favorite player of my favorite Sport Tennis, and also my favorite Sportsman ever. Vamoooooooooooooooos Rafa. Nadal !!!

  6. Me too i want to see Rafa take the ice bucket. I believe he will do it.he is a good Sport.

  7. Rafa is such a good sport I am sure he will accept but don’t ask him till he is fit & we know if he can play us open please . VAMOS rafa

  8. Yes I think that Rafa will. He is a kind hearted charitable person and I believe he has a good sense of fun too. : )

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