Rafa Roundup: Why didn’t ATP know Rafael Nadal qualified before Novak Djokovic?

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“The best feeling I had is when I beat Rafael Nadal in Madrid in 2008 because it was hard to do and hard to win. I think the best match I played, though, was against Rafa this year in Rome. Even though I lost, to hit 50 winners against Rafa on clay is good. … I think I would like to play with Rafa. To play with Rafa would be funny because then I feel I can play from the baseline and he can just destroy the guys at the net.”

Nadal joins three-time champion Novak Djokovic as the first two singles players to qualify for this year’s season finale, to be held at The O2 from 9-16 November. The Spaniard has finished runner-up on two occasions, in 2010 (l. to Federer) and 2013 (l. to Djokovic). ATP Executive Chairman and President, Chris Kermode, said, “Rafa’s qualification for this year’s Barclays ATP World Tour Finals is terrific news for tennis fans in the UK. They now have another chance to see a true sporting icon battle it out for the last title of the season. Rafa has previously come close to winning the title in London a number of times. This year, once again, many will consider him to be a leading contender as he looks to add this prestigious title to his long list of career achievements.”

The new breed are coming, but the old guard are still hanging on Rafa Nadal and Andy Murray may have gone out early this year but Nadal won the French, Murray made the semis there and when the US Open comes around, both will be there or thereabouts. Grigor Dimitrov, Milos Raonic and the likes of Nick Kyrgios promise much for the future and are in the mix, but in terms of winning slams, they still have a long way to go…

Novak Djokovic clinched back the top spot in the world ranking following his five-set victory over Roger Federer at the Wimbledon Open. However, not everyone is happy seeing the Serb on top of the ATP ladder-board. Jimmy Connors apparently is one of them. Connors, who once held the world’s no.1 ranking and racked up as many as eight Grand Slam titles, believed Rafael Nadal deserves to retain the top ranking because he’s the only player in the ATP circuit who has incomparable passion on tennis.


VIDEO: Toni Nadal qualifica de “bona però irregular” la temporada de Rafel Nadal (via IB3TV)


  1. ATP had a great loss for not having a living legend playing. Nadal is more worse being there as number 1 than Novac

  2. Rafa qualified before Wimbledon, and Novak qualified only because he won Wimbledon. Had he lost the final, he would still be seeking points to qualify. I sense favoritism here.

  3. donde juegue RAFA seguro habra muy buen tenis y revive la emocion y fuerza en cada partido.hace que se disfrute y mucho ,de manera que estamos pendientes de su regreso luego mde un merecido descanso para disfrutar.vamosssssssssssss

  4. Rafa will do well in the hard court season and has a good shot at the US Open. He just needs to get in the groove. I’m hoping to see him at Cincy finals, I have tickets 😀

  5. To the real Top Player Rafa. your awesome what a Champ stay consistent and Vamooooooos !!!!!!!!

  6. One guess as to why the ATP “didn’t know” Rafa had qualified for Barclay BEFORE NOVAK–yes, it was Novak “on purpose favoritism”, for “whatever their reasons”! Everyone is entitled to their opinion to speculate as they wish. Nothing, however, comes to mind without reminding ourselves of the simple truth: Rafa WAS THE FIRST to qualify FOR BARCLAY.

  7. Y the atp didn’t let us know that rafa qualified for Barclay even before novak I’m reading but they aren’t saying so I’m moving on rafa deserves everything I think he will defend most of his points all he has to do is stay consistent and he will have chance for wo!rld number 1 vamos rafa u can do it

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