New Documentary About Rafael Nadal – The Secrets of a Giant

L’Equipe 21 aired a documentary titled ‘Rafael Nadal, Les Secrets d’un Géant’ yesterday. Watch the full documentary now:

Video: L’Equipe 21 (via Nadal Power YouTube) 


  1. If anyone wants to see this video with English subtitles, you have to go an youtube then click on this video and click on the rectangle icon next to the clock icon on the bottom of the video !

  2. Super documentaire on comprend encore mieux ton jeu et tout le travail que tu fournis VAMOS RAFA

  3. There shoukd hv been English sub titles does one understand the foreign languages

  4. Basically….he’s freakin’ hard to be at RG….Vamos Rafa RG14!!!!

  5. Rafa is a phenonena in any language. Thank you uncle Toni and the entire nadal family for giving him to us. He has brought joy to so many these past years–especially me! Poetry in motion. And such character. He has gone from a beautiful boy to a beautiful man and person. Happy birthday Rafa. Thank you!

  6. Love the doc but I can’t understand what they r saying but love it anyway king of clay for life

  7. Is it possible to see this documentary with subtitles/translation in English?
    . I’m sure a huge majority of Rafa’s fans don’t speak French!

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