Rafael Nadal injury update: Will he or won’t he go to Buenos Aires?

Rafael Nadal was honored at the Mundo Deportivo Gala on Monday, February 3, in Barcelona. That was also the day he visited his doctor for a follow-up to his back injury. Rafa gave some interviews in Barcelona, one of which was a radio interview for the ‘El Partido de las 12’ program on Cadena COPE (a Spanish radio station).

Rafael Nadal with Helena Condis. Photo via Cope.es
Rafael Nadal with Helena Condis. Photo via Cope.es

On the question of his back and his return to Buenos Aires, Rafa had this to say (translated from Spanish)Today I [went to] another review and have followed the same treatment since I returned from Melbourne. [I] still have not played tennis or have done any exercise, I’ve been resting and just tried to do the proper rehab to get back on track as soon as possible, my intention is to be on Thursday. And from there, Thursday and Friday will train and [see how it evolves], with my feelings and also the opinion of doctors, will decide whether we can start in Buenos Aires or have to wait for the next [tournament – Rio]. 

About the Davis Cup, Rafa offered his support for Spain: [I] hoped to be in these quarterfinals. My dream was to compete for the Davis Cup course in the first round…believe me, I could not…if there is no setback or any injury, yes I have every intention of being in the tie to help the team stay in the World Group [compete in playoffs, in September 2014]. And sincerely hope to help next year to have any chance of winning. 

Tears from the champion: Gracious Rafa also said that the tears he shed in Melbourne were not from pain, but rather from helplessness. He called the final the worst hour and a half he spent on a tennis court, and said that Stan Wawrinka lost the third set, he (Rafa) did not win it from his own efforts. He thanked his fans for believing in him and thinking that he could still win the match.

As always, Rafa’s interviews are full of candor and always a pleasure to read. We hope he’s back on the courts soon, doing what he loves, but also that he takes rest next week if needed for a full recovery. Rest up, Rafa, and enjoy being home!

For those that understand Spanish, click here to listen to the interview. Most parts of the interview were also transcribed into Spanish. Read the article here.

All quotes and photo: Cope.es, as translated by Google. 


  1. Rafa, cuídate mucho. Estás muy joven y te estás lastimando muy seguido. Probablemente vuelves a jugar antes de tiempo.

  2. Have to say I am very nervous about this injury…. Murray and Roger both had back injuries for rather lengthy times. And the timing couldn’t be worse for Rafa.

  3. Yes Rafa, do not start playing too soon. In fact, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” as the saying goes. I would wait and not start playing again until Rio. Whatever you decide, I hope you make the best decision. You don’t need any more setbacks. Love you, and be well, heal and be without back pain, knee pain, and just be without pain!!! Love, Marylynn.

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