Photos: Rafael Nadal humble in defeat against Stanislas Wawrinka at the Australian Open

Our champion Rafael Nadal was defeated by Stanislas Wawrinka 3-6, 2-6, 6-3, 3-6 to be the runner up at the Australian Open in Melbourne. World number one was gracious in defeat, with sincere words for his opponent Stanislas Wawrinka, and thankful towards his supporters.

For more videos, click here. Read Rafa’s press conference interview transcript here.


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  2. Rafa is a great player. He showed how to play through pain and never quit. Proud of you. Will watch you always. Good luck with recovery.

  3. Rafa, not only me but my whole family members are sad with your defeat . where from this pain came all of sudden? Really your pain is ours pain. But Wawrinka a very rude man , his behaviour with the umpire was not good & lacked sportsmanship. May be this being the IST & LAST grand slam for Wawrinka. Rafa KEEP GOING .

  4. Watched the entire match, sad to see that he couldn’t play his best during the final due to his injury. No matter what, he is still no. 1.

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