VIDEO: Rafael Nadal and David Nalbandian on Susana Giménez Show

Rafael Nadal and David Nalbandian appeared on the Susana Gimenez Show ahead of their exhibition match in Argentina earlier today. Rafa and David seemed to field Susana’s questions well, despite being served up several faux pas by their hostess (a German Federer? A Russian Djokovic? And Rafa’s first Wimbledon win was in 1008?!!). The show ended with Rafa congenially detailing his pre-serve rituals while playing some stage tennis with David. Great fun was had by all.

Photos: Klonarte Fotografía


  1. Shame we cant watch u, Rafa, but the BEST OF LUCK for . We LOVE u whatever happens but u deserve to beat him! VAAAMOOOSSS RAAA!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Awww, Rafa and Nalby looking great sitting it out and having fun at the same in this show. Vamos you handsome tenistas! 🙂

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