Rafa Roundup: September 5, 2013

USOpen's Instagram
USOpen’s Instagram


  • ‘Rafael Nadal Is the Leonardo da Vinci of Tennis’ – via theatlantic.com

… TV commentator and retired tennis legend John McEnroe remarked, “What we’re seeing here, this guy is the Leonardo da Vinci—the Albert Einstein—of tennis.” …

  • “I would have loved to have been there supporting Madrid 2020” – via marca.com

“It would provide a real shot in the arm for our country. Madrid has been fighting for this for many years, and with all the effort that it has put in and continues to put in to land the Olympics, it deserves them,” said Rafa.

  • In Federer-Nadal Rivalry, Best Debate Is Yet to Come – via nytimes.com

… Oh, but wouldn’t Federer, despite losing in three sets to Tommy Robredo in the fourth round, have challenged Nadal with a greater arsenal than Robredo, who at best could be characterized as a poor man’s Nadal? …

  • Rafa Nadal’s $690,000 watch is part of his game nowvia today.com

“I don’t feel the watch,” Rafa said, strapping it on before practice at the U.S. Open in New York on Tuesday. “It’s very light and when I don’t wear the watch, I feel like something is not working.”

  • Rafael Nadal’s greatness, defined by the U.S. Open — and time – via oregonlive.com

… So wrap those knees Rafa and bear down. You’ve already achieved tennis greatness. And now you’re very close to so much more.


Photos: Rafa vs Tommy Robredo

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  1. En ce qui concerne la montre, la valeur est trop élevée je n’aurai jamais imaginé une montre à 690.000$. A ce même prix tu as un demi villa dans mon pays la RDC !!! mais pourquoi pas quand on est Raphaël Nadal, le big boss.
    et je penses que ça va marché entre nous deux puisque j’ai toujours eu moi aussi des idées ingéniées. Bonne chance Rafa.

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