“In the end, it’s just a tennis match”: Rafa Nadal loses Wimbledon opener

Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Rafael Nadal lost his first round match to Belgian Steve Darcis, 6-7, 6-7, 4-6, but not without an immense fight. He played evenly in the beginning, then started to show subtle signs of an issue with his knee. He held on to the very last points in the tie breakers for both the first and second sets. His opponent, Darcis, an unseeded player ranked 110, surprised us with a game exceptionally well played.

Many questions remain for Rafa, the most important being, how are his knees? We hope that there hasn’t been any damage and he can transition on to the hard courts after a bit of rest.

As for the disappointment of him losing in the first round – Rafa said it best. It’s only a game. This is life. As long as Rafa is healthy, whether or not he’s playing tennis, we are happy. We will love him even after he’s played his last game and retired. He’s our champion. That will never change, even if he never picks up a racquet again.

Rafa on his loss to Darcis:
“It’s tough – but life continues. This is a sport of victories, not the losers. Nobody remembers the losers…and I don’t want to remember the loss.”

Rafa on whether he can win Wimbledon again:
“I don’t know! The only thing I can say and I can do is keep working hard and keep giving me chances…I hope to have a few more years to play here and to play at the right level. I was not able to play great this year and last year obviously, but I will try.”

Vamos, Rafa! Get healthy for the hard court season! We still have to get you up the rankings this year! 🙂 VAMOS!


  1. Yes, Rafa Nadal will always be my champion. He is an amazing champion on and off the court and is a great role model for sports, not only tennis.

    Rafa, we miss you very much at Wimbledon but also know that transition from clay to grass is very tough especially without much time to adapt. Recover quickly so we can see you again very soon. Vamos Rafa!

  2. Have a good summer and dont worry we still think you are the best but you are also ayoung man with a good life ahead im sure. We wouldnt forget you whatever happens

  3. Hold ur head up RAFA u overcame so much with the knee injury and comming back and winning big…its heart breaking to c u hurt as it appears that the knee was hurting Rafa and slowed him down..make no mistake Rafa will be back..get some rest and take care Rafa..the best in the world Rafael NADAL…our gladiator king of clay VAMOS RAFA..EL MEJOR EN EL MUNDO..

  4. I am gutted with the loss but i will be more gutted if i dont get to see you play anymore! There will be other tournaments and like you said, this is just a tennis match. You have achieved so much and we are immensely proud of you, your achievements and your heart. Take care of that knee and set your sights on that ATP Finals trophy that is still missing from the trophy cabinet. We love you, no matter what…Vamos Rafa! You are and still the best!

  5. So Sorry you lost today was hoping that you could get to the final but as long as you are ok you will be back I do Believe Vamos Rafa

  6. Rafa, i am glad u have things in prospective, it is only a tennis match, you will come back from this . You are a pro and will move on. We still love and respect you. Wimbleton is now over for me too! Vamos Rafa xxxxx(5)

  7. I’m very surprised but the sport is that way, nobody can win all the time and less with a bad day. Now he has planty time to practice on HC and going to get his second USO Trophy.

  8. although were all upset i think maybe it is for the best – he was limping throughout the match and perhaps playing much would have put more strain on them. His knees are still clearly bothering him but the fact that he continues to play just makes me more proud to be his fan!

    we just have to remember that he has had a fantastic comeback and be grateful that he is still playing. Wimbledon is gonna miss his passion and the energy that he brings to the tournament but hopefully he can get back to his top condition soon

  9. Yeah sorry you lost, but still my favourite tennis player! Knew the knee was bothersome again. Please get better soon! 😉

  10. I really appreciate what you’ve said here and the underpinning sentiments. And Rafa is right; it’s just a game – and he’s already achieved so much this year. I hope the knee issue is not too serious and that he can play later in the summer. Vamos, Rafa – rest up and take care of those knees.

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