Rafa Fans and Novak Djokovic: Why do we care so much?

Rafa and Nole
Rafa and Nole

So Rafa fans, when someone other than Rafa is playing Novak Djokovic, whom do you cheer for? If you are like many fans, chances are that you might cheer for whomever he plays against in that particular match. Well, as it turns out, today he played against Grigor Dimitrov, aka Baby Fed, in the Mutua Madrid Open. How ironic, considering that Dimitrov has not exactly been friendly on court against Rafa in the recent past.

Today, a struggling and frustrated Djokovic displayed his bad behavior on court. He allegedly told the audience to “suck my d***”, a comment perhaps directed at those fans that supported Dimitrov, most likely Rafa fans that would rather see Djokovic lose. The twitter feed was abuzz with reactions about his behavior against fans. This is not the first time we have seen the dark side of the World #1, either.

That being said, why do we care so much about Djokovic? Why do some fans spread negativity by indulging in mud-slinging, instead of focusing entirely on supporting our favorite player? We are here for Rafa, and our purpose should be to support and share our love for him, and accept his opponents as they come. That is the way that Rafa handles his own life – with respect to the other players and their fans, no matter how harsh they are to him, and he does it with poise, class and respect.

Let’s focus on Rafa. Let’s cheer him on, and wish him well. It’s the best way to show your support. A true sportsman deserves no less. A true fan must appreciate that.


  1. Please do not call Grigor Baby Fed!!!! I am going to smash something if I read this stupid name again. He is a player in his own right and he has shown us that!
    Now to Rafa: There simply is no better sportsman on or off the court! We love him, we cry with him, we miss him terribly when he is injured. We simply adore him!

  2. Djoker was not in a good mood most of the match, and yet again he was acting as if he was at death’s door one minute and then had another of his miraculous recoveries after a time out (where have we seen that before I wonder???) I know he turned his ankle but before that he was acting like he could hardly stand or move. Commentators make sure to say how good he is when conceding a point, but what about the rest? Anyway, as your article said Rafa does not behave like that and is always chivalrous and sporting, he obviously had a very good upbringing, so VAMOS RAFA and well done Mr and Mrs Nadal 🙂

  3. Never seen Rafa loose it . He is the most well behaved and respectful opponent. Shows the man he is..

  4. Thats why i love Rafa his behavior is good win or loss he never give bad faces to his opponents…Vamos Rafa.

  5. I completely agree with @rafaelnadalfc about the classy upbringing of Rafa! 😀 Thats why we are such proud fans. But what is completely unacceptable is Djokovic behaving so viciously, against a near future top 10 player. The man of the hour was Grigor, who hung in there, and overcame the cramps, overcame the disappointment of losing so many match points, and finished off with a win off Djokovic’s racquet. #VamosGrigor!

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