Rafa Roundup: May 6, 2013

EFE/JuanJo Martín

“I think I can play better than what I have until now. The results are difficult to get better, but the way I played in Monte Carlo and Barcelona could be better, yes.”

“Is it really going to make a huge difference if he’s five or one? Not a whole lot. Rafa obviously has a great chance because of the great player he is on clay.”

“The courts this year fortunately are really good.” 

Hay nuevas pistas con ‘craon’ de París y ya no resbalan. Nadal: “Es la mejor pista desde que se juega el Open”. Berasategui “No se rompe al defender y ya no hay botes malos”


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Rafael Nadal’s Facebook
Rafa's Facebook May 5, 2013
Rafael Nadal’s Facebook
Rafael Nadal's Facebook
Rafael Nadal’s Facebook


Rafael Nadal @ Madrid Open: May 5, 2013 (Press Conference & Practice)

Mutua Madrid Open’s Facebook photos 

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