VIDEO: Rafael Nadal wishes happiness and health to all in Christmas message

Rafael Nadal has sent a personal Christmas good wishes video to all those celebrating the holiday in Spain and across the world:

I just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas Eve and also to tell you to take care in this difficult year, but I’m sure better times will come and we will be able to enjoy them as before. A big hug and happy 2022!


  1. Hi Margo,

    Oh my…that mischievous smile matches his post.🤭

    Happy New Year to you, Margo, and all the best for 2022!🎉❤️

    • Hiii Mimi….HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your loved ones…

      I was going to address you directly but felt you were in a Rafa slump …was going to say “I want some of that Mimi humor back.” Stay well and safe because we need that extra “umph” when cheering for THE RAFA…

  2. Happy New Year Rafa….. I never thought Australia was a possibility and there you are standing on court in Melbourne….
    What a way to start the New Year!!!!

    Wishing you and your family and all those around you a Happy and Healthy 2022!!!

  3. Rafa has completed his quarantine and has been practising today at the academy. It’s reported (by a reliable source) that he will fly to Australia tomorrow to compete in the Melbourne 250 that starts on 4th January. In a week that has brought much disappointment and confusion to tennis fans, it’s so nice to hear some good (for some reason I feel reluctant to use the word “positive” these days) news.
    Good luck and vamos Rafa!

    • At this stage, we can only speculate.We won’t know anything for sure until the draw is out on 17th January. Whilst Djokovic is remaining tight lipped about the whole thing, apparently Craig Tiley will be granting vaccination exemptions to “a small number” of players and support staff to enable them to enter the state of Victoria. What a turn-around!! If that is so, then Djokovic will be at the AO.
      Rafa’s involvement will be dependant on if he feels fit enough and whether he can meet quarantine requirements.

      • Hi Lorna,
        FYI-The Aus Open doesn’t have the authority to grant exemptions. They are decided by a panel of medical experts chosen by the government. The applicant remains anonymous so that no undue preference will be afforded anyone.

        Tiley will of course be trying to exert as much pressure as he can on them if Djoker is in fact unvaxxed and refused entry but the final decision is not his. N.D. is definitely out of the ATP Cup. Have to wait a little longer to see about the Slam.

      • Thanks for the clarification Mark – my misinterpretation! Tiley merely confirmed that exemptions will be granted to some who are not vaccinated…..

      • Lorna and Mark, according to Marca, ND is trying to get a “medical” exemption. If this is true, I don’t see how he went from “vaccination is a personal choice,” to “I don’t feel people should be forced to take a vaccine”, to requesting a “medical exemption.” This is one time I would love to be that fly on a wall.😂

  4. JUST RECEIVED ” The world of Rafeal. Nadal ” for Christmas. So enjoying the pictures, commentary, and wise words. At age 86, I will make sure that the young athletes will have my copy to read, also the parents and coaches who I know well. All the wisdom fits not only to all sport folks but to those simply living life.
    A great gift. Thanks for beng its main character and thought provoker.
    Happy new year to you and the world. Let’s all make it a good one!

  5. Thank you, Rafa.🙏❤️

    Wishing you a very special Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!🎄🥂🎉 Have a wonderful time celebrating with your loved ones!🥰

  6. Merry Christmas Rafa & family ! Looking forward to a very good 2022 for Rafa and fans ! I am hopeful that we can get past this terrible virus and get to a place of normalcy and wellbeing .

  7. Following his participation in the Abu Dhabi tournament, Denis Shapovalov announced that he tested positive for Covid on arrival in Sidney.

    • I just saw the news about Denis recently. I had not connected that with Abu Dhabi right away because some time has passed. Am I wrong on that? Luckily they all were vaccinated so the symptoms have not required any to be hospitalized, as far as I know.

      • Va4favre, I don’t know for sure if there is a connection, but that’s how it was reported. The fact that Rafa, Carlos Moya, Belinda Bencic and Denis were all in Abu Dhabi and all contracted Covid would suggest that there is a link. Rafa was also in close contact with Denis during their match. I guess we may find out more in time.

      • Ons Jabeur as well. And Emma Raducanu. I don’t know what was going on in Abu Dhabi, but it seems far too much of a coincidence for all of them to have tested positive without there being a link.

    • Now Rublev has also tested positive for the virus. So far Sir Andy has avoided it. Tweeted that he had his booster and is thanking science.

    • Oh dear. It’s been a good news, bad news day. Marc Lopez has tested positive for Covid according to Marca. All the best to him in his recovery. We know that Rafa has slowly resumed training so he is on the mend. 👏 Wondering if he will be ready for Australia and if so who will he take with him? I’m confident that he will only go if he feels fully fit and healthy.

      Seeing as there can be up to a two week incubation period it’s very possible that everyone was infected in Abu Dhabi. There were a lot of maskless selfies with fans in close proximity. People got a bit complacent being doubled vaccinated but Omicron is so easily transmitted.

      Hoping for a safe and better New Year for Rafa, team & family.❤️

  8. Rafa, thanks for the positive message. I wish you, Maria and all the family a very merry Christmas 🌲🎅🏼🥳 Hope you all have a healthy and prosperous New Year too 🥂🍾❤

  9. Rafa Merry Christmas to you and your family i hope you are feeling better and will be ready to play the Australian open in January

  10. Wishing you and your family a very Happy and peaceful Christmas and all the very best for the New Year 🎄🎄💕

  11. Merry Christmas and all good wishes for a better, healthier New Year. We hope you have an enjoyable time with your family, and recover quickly. Your positive energy encourages everyone
    to be vigilant.🙏

  12. Rafa, wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Hope you are feeling much better. Enjoy the holidays, such a wonderful time of the year!

  13. merci Rafa vous êtes un homme adorable, prenez soin de vous et revenez vite sur les cours de tennis et ailleurs ! en pleine forme l’année prochaine Amicalement votre

  14. Rafa Merry Christmas to you and Family all the best next year and happy new year 🎄😘🎄🍾🍷🍹🎄

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