PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal reaches fourth round at French Open by beating Cameron Norrie

Defending French Open champion Rafael Nadal has eased past Cameron Norrie in straight sets to book his place in the fourth round at Roland Garros. Norrie put up a decent fight against the 13-time champion but eventually succumbed to a 6-3, 6-3, 6-3 defeat. That’s the 16th time Nadal has gone into the round of 16.

After the match, Rafa said:

“It’s a pleasure for me to be back playing at Roland Garros, it doesn’t matter which court it is, it’s fantastic for me.

“He [Norrie] is having the best season of his career, winning plenty of matches … he’s won a lot of matches this year … but I found a way to be through, that’s the most important thing for me … I was able to win in straight sets, and that’s so important for me.

“It is true that for the last year and a half it has been difficult for every player, although I didn’t play so much. Those who have been travelling week after week without the chance to have family and full team with them is very tough. They have been challenging conditions. For me it is very important to have the team and family behind me, because of them I am what I am today. I’m happy to have crowds, that is so important for us.”

Our champ will face next Italian 18th seed Jannik Sinner for the second year in a row at Roland Garros after beating him in the quarter-finals last year.


  1. Congratulations Rafa well don vamosssssss champ all the way to the final I watch in my house amazing you play 💪💪💪💪💪🎾🎾👍👍👍

  2. Rafa congratulations on your match v Cam Norrie. Your next opponent Jannik is a little tougher, no worries you will succeed. Stay well and safe. Buena Suerte Rafa v Sinner 🇪🇦🎾🥎☘☘

  3. Straight sets victory against a fellow lefty opponent, C. Norrie, congratulations Rafa!👏❤️

    Pauline, happy to see Maria in his box supporting.😍

    Good luck vs Jannik Sinner next Rafa🍀 play your A game! Vamos 💪💪💪

    • Lovely to see her Mimi although kind of sitting by herself seemed a bit odd. Hoping all is well.

      Congrats to Rafa. 104-2 coming up on Monday!

      • I noticed that too, usually Maria sits next to his mother and sister.

        104-2 👍

    • Was Maria wearing a top that wasn’t fitted? My imagination is going wild. Could she be …. And yes, I am so glad our Champion is in the quarters. Vamos.

      • I wouldn’t dare to dream in case of being let down. She has worn loose fitting tops before.
        Her jeans seemed tight from what we could see of them. Won’t rejoice unless there’s an announcement.🙏🏻

        Also if there is any bit of tension among them really wishing for it to be ironed out pronto for everyone’s sake. Love to the family & team.❤️

  4. CONGRATZ Rafa. I know you had fun winning the second set after being behind. Norrie had your wheels turning. Rest up for Sinner.


    • Congratulations to Rafa and Diego, both have won three matches in straight sets so far!👏🤗

      • Always happy when Rafa wins as he did in his first 3 matches. He may have 4 very tough matches ahead instead of 2 or 3. I’ll take his advice that at this level one cannot expect easy draws/matches. Hoping he wipes them all out of Roland-Garros.💪🎾🍀

        Can you believe Diego? He doesn’t wake up until the FO after having lost VERY early in recent tournaments. He will get my cheers UNLESS he is playing Rafa.

      • Each one a different set of problems and decisions,all made well and confidently!!All won.!!

        Each one next, you have seen and beaten before. Stay the course with that confidence and you will play your best ☺

        Good to see you recognise when you are getting tight and then using that moment to turn it onto strength on your next move. Well done!!!!! Vamos , man!!!

      • Margo,

        I am with you about Diego. Rafa and Diego are one match away before meeting each other.

      • Mimi, I’m wondering how much of a battle Sinner will put up against Rafa. From what I’ve read, Sinner “breathes” tennis and nothing else.

        It’s hard to believe that he started playing tennis only 5 years ago at age 14. He is now 19 and world No. 19.

        Photos of him don’t do him justice maybe because I’ve never seen a pic of him smiling. On TV I saw him smiling and said there you go, smile more often. But on Monday I want to see Rafa smiling.

      • Margo,

        We will find out soon.
        Vamos RAFA💪❤️ Straight sets please!🍀🎾

  5. Congrats Rafa… Great match….

    I am always loving when Rafa’s opponents start to get their game on so that Rafa has to raise his level and face some competitiveness…. The first set with Gasguet as Rafa bageled him was far from competitive and basically a walk in the park… Then the next set Gasguet upped his level… This allows Rafa to hone his skills and try new things and problem solve….That’s what he needs….

    Today’s match, although Rafa did get broken a few times, he returned the favor each time and then some….
    He’s playing great tennis and is in total control…. Just beautiful Rafa….

    Next up Sinner…. Could be a bit challenging….Stay focused and take it to him….

    VAMOS RAFA!!!!

  6. Gracious in victory-all the best in the next round-stay healthy, stay strong👏💪🤛👍🍀🎾❤️

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