WATCH: Lionel Messi congratulates Rafael Nadal on winning Laureus award

Argentine football star and Barcelona captain Lionel Messi has congratulated Rafael Nadal on winning the Laureus 2021 World Sportsman of the Year Award:

“Hi Rafa. I just wanted to congratulate you on this award which is obviously more than deserved. I would also like to say that you are an example to everyone because of your hard work, your perseverance and for being at the highest level for so many years. And I wanted to send you warm regards.”


  1. Only you know what happens in your head and the messages it sends to your body. Your kind spirit and the bull in you are fighting it out. On the court you are best when you feed the bull!!

    Be Rafa the bull, when you can be on the court. No one can be a ” winner” in all ; I am glad you are a winner in the ” great human being” game. It is the most important game in life!!!!!!!

    Relax ,man, and enjoy the good you do!! Vamos…..

  2. Yes Mac. I’m glad the ordeal is over too. The sigh from Rafa’s father said it all. Rafa buckled and Zverev hung tough. Let’s hope for better from our champ in Rome.

  3. Whew! Thankfully it’s over.

    I never want to see such a match again… Rafa was just listless.

    Let’s get this out of memory quickly and on to Rome!

  4. Rafa is having a terrible day at the office. Zverev could stand still and get free points regardless.

    Our champ needs to show some signs of LIFE!! Come on Rafa!

  5. Rafa has it all to do, but the good thing is that he’s serving first in the 2nd set.

  6. Rafa has handed Zverev the first set with a couple of careless errors. He’s got it all to do now! UGH!!!

  7. Soooo special well done once again just amazing – an example to the world of how to be humble and as you say you would like to be remembered as ”A good person” – although you are unbelievable!!!

  8. Wow, congrats to Rafa for winning the Laureus 2021 Sportsman of the Year Award! This is his second or third time winning this Sportsman award? Imo, he should have won it more often throughout his career!

  9. Yes Rafa you are the best example for a new player the real gentleman you are we love you good luck champ 💪💪💪😘😘😘👍👍👍❤️🎾

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