MasterChef Junior contestants super excited to meet Rafael Nadal [VIDEO]

Tonight’s episode of the Spanish version of Masterchef Junior was filmed at the Rafa Naal Academy and the lovely contestants got the chance to meet Rafael Nadal. They haven’t cooked just for our champ and his family, but also for all other people at the Academy.


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    Genny SS @genny_ss

    Mary’s impressed with what the kids have done…. she says she’s not too much into cooking! 😃😬


    That’s okay, Rafa likes to cook.

  2. He is the most honest tennis champion n does not hide his true feelings especially when he loses. As a truechampion he dislike losing cos he goes all out n plays to win in every game. Thats why some players says he never gives any free points. I will not miss any of his live matches.

  3. rafa is a so humble person, he deserves all the compliments, and so lovable by people, the kids are so adorable !

  4. I watched the whole show and loved it, despite not understanding much Spanish. Kids, cooking, plus Rafa and his family and team – what’s not to like?

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