Behind the scenes: Rafael Nadal and his fifth world No.1 trophy [PHOTOS]

Rafael Nadal celebrates with his family and team at the Nitto ATP Finals after collecting the 2019 ATP Tour year-end No. 1 trophy.


  1. I was already so thrilled after Rafa won that epic final at the US Open landing his 19th grand slam. I can’t believe Rafa’s season could get any better than that moment, but it certainly did. What an achievement, what a year. Just positively mind-blowing! Thank you for sharing those beautiful pictures of your family and team. # 1 ranking for the 5th time is such a sensational way to end 2019! Much happiness, cheers and continued good health. So looking forward to watching team Spain tomorrow. All the very best!

  2. Congratulations! Such an amazing year! Thank you so much for all the fun of watching you, your team and family! Thank you for all your dedication to children and the game of tennis! 🤗

    • you are One of a kind. Humble, Human with proper Emotions. VAMOS RAFA. YOUR FAN ACROSS THE PACIFIC, PHILIPPINES.

    • Hello Rafa, since you were young at the age of 17 yrs old I am your great fan. I never been a great fan of anyone! I like how you progressed in your chosen career. You are indeed an extremely talented man. You almost have everything in life. A normal happy life, loving family, a talent that no one can ever equal, you are good looking man with a beautiful and decent wife. You have your great coaches (past and present), and most of all, a great strong mentality! You also have injuries after injuries, competitors great and small that no matter what happen to your body and what your competitors said (including ridiculous journalists)- you showed to them and to yourself that no one can ever changed and defeat for being a professional tennis warrior who fight for everything through hardwork and principled life. For me, you’re the Best of the Best for they can’t ever have what you have – the strong right mentality. Salute my Hero, my Champion. I hope one day I’ll see you at Rod Laver arena and have an autograph from you! I think it’s about time I’ve been your fan for a good 16 yrs or more 👍😊 Congratulations bravo 👉👑💯👌

    • Congrats to you young man, you are an awesum tennis player to watch and sometimes you have me on the edge of my chair but you pull through as the Winner, very happy for you, congrats on your marriage

  3. So well deserved Rafa. Hope you are coming to Toronto in August. You’re the reason I volunteer on Center Court.

  4. Congratulation Rafa for Year End no. 1. You totally deserved it.
    For someone who isn’t good at indoors, Rafa proved them wrong all along.

    Get well and rest up for next year, so you can win more slams and other tournaments.

    VAMOS RAFA No 1 to us all.

  5. Great achievement Rafa and well deserved. Tournaments only fun to watch if you are one of the players.

    • Where’s Mery in this jubilation congratulations Rafa n Mery family friends coach n d entire team hod bless n 💪🏼💪🏼🤞🏾👏🏽👏🏽🎉🎉🎉🎉🙏🙏💝💝🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

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