ATP Finals 2019: Rafael Nadal vs Alexander Zverev – match highlights, hot shots

Did you miss Rafael Nadal vs Alexander Zverev? Here are the highlights.


  1. Rafa had a bad day , Zverev had a magical day . That is sport . No negatives please . I was in O2 and so disappointed for Rafa . He didn’t make excuses. Going again on Wednesday and think he will be back in the groove . Go Rafa , we are always with you 🍀🌟👍

  2. I found Rafa to be very off his game as he was on the defensive from the get go and making too many unforced errors . Yes , Sasha played great but Rafa did not make any adjustments after losing the 1st set . The first serve was just Ok and Rafa didn’t react quickly to attack the return of serve .
    I think Rafa must play more serve and volley and try to rerurn closer to the baseline in order to take the serve earlier . I like Rafa to make the necessary adjustments as its mostly mental and a confidence boost needed .

  3. All is not lost. Put this defeat behind you Rafa, move forward and approach Wednesday’s match with fresh eyes and greater energy.

  4. Rafa your biorhythm was just off today! I know you will come back on Wednesday as you are the number 1
    tennis player in the world. Relax and you will win this entire event !!
    Vamos Rafa!!

  5. I thought this was the most demoralising match I’d seen since the Aussie Open final. I don’t know if it was the injury or the lack of match practice or just one of those days – and the fact that Sascha played so well. Fingers crossed for better things on Wednesday. I hope it wasn’t the injury and that he’s not playing when he’s not fully fit, and risking hurting himself further.

  6. I really hope he will be better on wednesday because today was not got enough to earn a place in the semi-finals.

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