VIDEO: Rafael Nadal’s greatest Rome Masters shots

Eight-time champion and a whole lotta magic…


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  2. Benito’s refutation is as good as coming from Rafa himself. It seems that the Societe show on Telecinco does not have a reputation for credibility.

    I would like to express my regret for repeating an unsubstantiated rumour. I am old and wise enough not to have had this lapse in judgement. It won’t happen again.

    All we have as fact at the moment is that Mery has been seen wearing a diamond ring on her left hand ring finger on two occasions. Once at the Millor Junts charity race for the FRN on April 6 and then when checking in to the Monte Carlo hotel before the tournament. Whether this means there will be a wedding this year or not we do not know.

    I wish them both love and a private life free from media intrusion.

    • It was in one of the British tabloids too – rumours do tend to spread across the internet, so I wouldn’t worry too much about repeating it. They haven’t said that they’re not getting married, but I wouldn’t have thought it’d be in June. Maybe after Wimbledon or after the end of the season.

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  4. Benito, Rafa’s publicist, wrote on his Twitter..
    ” it’s funny to see how ppl post abt someone’s personal stuff whose private life has been always that, private. And others just make the fake news spread worldwide without knowing whether it Is true or not…all is fake news”
    Vía Benito Pérez on Twitter

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