VIDEO: Rafael Nadal busy cleaning out the mud after flash floods hit Mallorca

Flash floods caused by torrential rains killed at least 10 people on the Spanish island of Mallorca and burst the banks of a river, washing away vehicles and engulfing a town in muddy water.

Not only Rafael Nadal opened up his tennis academy to help people displaced by the floods, but he also swapped his racquet for a broom to help with clearing away the water.


  1. Eres lo máximo como deportista y como persona, por eso te adoramos Dios te dé vida y salud para que sigas cosechando logros en todo lo que te propongas..

  2. Top good for words! Such kindness and compassion and empathy!!!
    But that’s Rafa! Not surprised!

    Love u!!! ❤️😘😘

  3. En la cancha se gana en el fango también el reconocimiento de lo Muy ¡¡G R A N D E!! que es nuestro Rafa Nadal, es cuándo nos necesitan el momento de arrimar el hombro, desde Canarias recibe el enorme abrazo de rigor sin olvidar la tragedia y sus victimas a cuyas Familias le doy mi más sentido pésame. C. Javier

  4. Lovely guy, our Rafa. The best!

    Cleaning up his town is a dress rehearsal for cleaning up titles at the ATP when he returns:)

  5. He apparently spent hours sweeping out mud and shovelling debris in a workshop in St Llorenç. Rafa used his famous muscles and an industrial version of his clay court grooming skills for the good of his fellow Mallorcans. That’s true community spirit. Rafa keeping it real. Bless you Rafa 👍💪👏

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