[VIDEO] Rogers Cup 2018: Post final on-court interview

Rafael Nadal describes his emotions after winning the Rogers Cup for the fourth time.


  1. /Rafa you have had a busy week and wise to pull out of Cincinnati,

    Love and prayers,


    • You got your wish. I would have loved to see him win all three big hard court tournaments again. Since the USO is the only one that matters, no problems with him taking a break. VAMOS!!!

  2. Cincinnati sans Rafa , ce sera triste mais il a raison , qu’il se repose
    à bientôt en photo sur le Beethoven !!

  3. Rafa just announced how wont be playing Cincinnati. Good move Rafa. All the best for US open. Vamos💪💪💪

    • I just read that too, and it is the right decision. A tournament is always less exciting without Rafa, but this was the right choice. The last tense matches plus the late nights drained Rafa. I really think he would have made this decision even without the brutal draw he had. Rafa also mentioned his playing Davis Cup so soon after the USO. Rafa lost early last year so he only loses a few points. 180 or so.

  4. I went into depression the moment u lost to djkr in wimby semis.. now again IAM watching tennis bcoz of u..for winning flushing Meadows pls withdraw from cincy..

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